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Fallout 76 – Savage Divide Power Armor Locations

Solomon’s Pond Power Armor

Solomon’s Pond includes a small farmhouse and pond in the central area of the Savage Divide, East of the Whitesprings Resort. Look for a large water pump at the edge of the pond and you may find Power Armor at the Power Armor station here.

Johnson’s Acre Power Armor

The location known as Johnson’s Acre is a quiet shack on the far southeast edge of the Savage Divide overlooking the Cranberry Bog. Look for a large rocky peak next to the house to find a Raider Power Armor left abandoned overlooking the valley below.

Ripper Alley Power Armor

Ripper Alley is a small raider camp located along the road south of the West Tek Research Center in the Savage Divide. Head into the camp and look along the makeshift fortifications by the cave and you might find Power Armor waiting here.

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