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Farming Simulator 19 – Crop Protection Guide

Crops types

Farming Simulator 19 offers 13 types of crops.

Every grain in Farming Simulator 19 has its own characteristics that determine whether they are worth sowing or not and which machines you have to use. Here, you can find the list of curiosities that you might have missed and will determine which grains you want to sow first.

Types of crops in Farming Simulator 19:

  • Grain
  • Root crops
  • Cotton
  • Sugarcane
  • Poplar
  • Grass, hay and silage

Protecting your crops is of utmost priority to a farmer. Whether it be from pesky rabbits or worms or other bugs, or from unwanted plants growth: a farmer should be ready for anything.

Crop Protection Guide

Having problems protecting your crops from those pesky herbs called “weed” in Farming Simulator 19? This portion of the guide will focus on how to protect your crops from weed using fertilizers. Be careful though, this stuff is somewhat dangerous. You might want to protect your useful crops from the herbicide.

Weed – Growth Killer
Weed is the unwanted wild plant that usually grows alongside other crops. It may seem harmless at first, but it will eat the nutrients out of your fertilizers and the ground your useful crops are growing in. You may want to remove this first.

How to Remove
There are two methods to remove weed:

  • Using a “Sprayer” to remove weed.
  • Using a “Weeder” to remove weed.

Weed – Using a Weeder
A weeder can be used to kill weed while your crops are still young. If the crops grow too tall, or mature enough, using a Weeder will kill the crops too. So be careful!

Attach the proper weight to your tractor and the weeder afterward. After attaching the weeder, unfold it when you reach near your crops. This will change the position of the weeder and will point it towards the ground.

You will see a counter on the top of the screen showing progress as you move through the crops.

Weed – Using a Sprayer
If you forgot to kill weed while your crops were young, you can still kill the weed. However, this process may be a bit risky. Get on your tractor and attach a sprayer to it.

Afterward, fill the sprayer with an “Herbicide” so you can kill the unwanted herbs: weed. Unfold the sprayer and point it towards the ground. This will activate the sprayer for more action.

Activate the sprayer when you reach your crops and boom! You are done! The weed will eventually be killed out. You can check your progress through the bar visible on the top-right corner of the screen.

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