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FF7 Remake Chapter 10 Rough Waters Walkthrough

FF7 Remake Chapter 10 Rough Waters Walkthrough

  • Escape to the Surface

    • For this chapter, the group will find themselves in the sewers of Sector 6. The goal here is to escape to the surface.
    • Once you regain control of Cloud, approach Tifa to check up on both of the girls. Shortly after, you’ll be facing up against the boss for this chapter, Abzu. This boss is weak to fire-based attacks. Do not use ice-based attacks. Click on its name to visit the boss page to learn more about the strategy and tips to defeat it.
    • Successfully defeating Abzu rewards the party with a Phoenix Down, 350 Gil, 840 EXP, and 10 AP.
    • After the battle, Abzu breaks through the wall which you can use to exit the sewers.
  • Follow the Waterway

    • Once you’re out in the sewer system, check the right side to find a chest containing 1x Ether.
    • As you proceed forward, you’ll encounter a new enemy, the Sahagin. These enemies are weak to fire and ice-based attacks.
    • Continue through the sewers and follow the girls. You’ll find another chest on the right side after climbing the ladder that has 2x Hi-Potion.
    • You’ll reach a console which will drain the water of the first aqueduct. Before you head up the stairs, make sure to check under the gate, you’ll find a purple chest that has a pair of knuckles for Tifa which is the Feathered Gloves.
    • Go back, then head up the stairs towards where Tifa and Aerith are, you’ll find a room that has a vending machine where you can purchase a music disc: 9. The Oppressed and a bench that you can use.
    • Continue to the next section of the sewers and you’ll encounter a group of Wererat enemies and a new enemy, the Scissorclaw.
    • Head up the ladder from the second section and enter whichever side of the dark room. You’ll find the console on the other side which turns on the generator.
    • When you’re back at the aqueduct platform, you’ll encounter 2x Scissorclaw, defeat the enemies then flip the with to drain the water.
    • Next, climb down the ladder and you’ll find the Key to the Sewers. Climb back up and work your way around to the west side of the sewers, you’ll find another switch that can drain the water. At the bottom, you’ll find a chest that has 800 Gil.
    • Next, follow the marked objective and head to the trunk line.
  • Crossing the Trunk Line, Crossing the Sluice Gate

    • For the next objective, you will need to pull the switches to help you cross the trunk line. The path ahead is linear where you’ll have to face a group of enemies for every switch you find.
    • After passing the first section and clearing the second group of enemies, climb up the platform on the right to find a Poison Materia.
    • Continue forward through the trunk line until you reach a dead-end which triggers the next objective.
    • You’ll eventually come across a sluice that is blocked by debris. Climb up the ladder near the console and walk over the metal beam to reach the next section. Eventually, you’ll reach the last console and trigger another cutscene.
  • To the Sector 7 Slums

    • For the next section, continue forward and follow Tifa and Aerith through the narrow path.
    • About midway, you’ll find a vending machine and a bench that you can use to rest. Continue through the sewers when you’re done.
    • You’ll come across a split path, head south first and defeat the Wererat enemies, you’ll find a chest at the end that has 2x Orb of Gravity.
    • Next, go back to the previous section and climb up the ladder. At the top, you’ll need to squeeze through the tight spot to reach the other end.
    • On the other side, you’ll encounter 2x Scissorclaw.
    • Once you reach another hallway, go south, then west into the next section. When you reach the second split area after you climb down another ladder, head to the north section on the map where you’ll find a Warding Materia.
    • From here, keep going down towards the path to find a chest that has 1x Revival Earrings. From here, retrace your steps and head to the marked objective where you’ll reach the primary treatment of the sewers.
  • To the Surface

    • The objective is to lower the water level. Head to the right side and enter the control room.
    • Interact with the console to drain the water.
  • Operating the Pump

    • For the next objective, you’ll take control of Aerith and Tifa will join her, leaving Cloud behind in the control room.
    • Head to Tifa’s location and interact with the pump. You’ll be thrown into a mini-game where you’ll have to operate the wastewater pump in order to clear the blockage.
    • Basically, you need to increase the pressure and have the meter land on the red target range. You’ll need to hit it three times.
    • Once you’re done, head back to the control room and interact with the control panel to turn on the pump.
    • Before you head to the bottom, you’ll be ambushed by 2x Sahagin enemies.
    • At the bottom, you’ll encounter more enemies. Simply fight your way through the enemies until you reach the marked objective.
    • You’ll trigger another cutscene when you reach the objective which will also complete Chapter 10.
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