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Rusty’s Retirement: Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Tips and tricks for beginners from a 35 hours farm.

Rusty’s Retirement: Tips & Tricks for Beginners


Early Tip – Color the game!

Tips & Tricks From a 35 Hour Farm

Tips & Tricks From a 35 Hour Farm

Tips & Tricks From a 35 Hour Farm

the best thing you can do in this game, is to be less competitive and spend extra time making the scene of your plot tailor to the vibe you want, this game is well efficient when you still manage to incorporate decoration!


How Does Splunk Work?

Splunk is your final farm member, that automates your farms crop planting, making the cycle of automation complete, so heres how he does it:

Splunk uses the last 8 seeds you have unlocked
this means he plants and open plot, using these:

Tips & Tricks From a 35 Hour Farm


Splunk uses the signs assigned to crop plots
Tips & Tricks From a 35 Hour Farm

how do signs work?
unlocked in sonnets shop, signs are not just decor, but can be placed on top of crop plots, making the crop plots only allowing Splunk to place those specific crops!

Mini Tip – Benches

Tips & Tricks From a 35 Hour Farm

Look at that happy fellow!

benches are not just decor, as they are part of the buildings tab, near the bots and plots.
benches are used to keep members of the farm near 1 area, as often times they will wander to the nearest bench to idle.
this includes: Splunk, Rusty, Haiku, and Forbic.
if you ever want to keep these few from wandering to far, place a few benches in the designated area


Tips & Tricks From a 35 Hour Farm

Dont sleep on this mechanic, as its the fastest way to hit new biofuel and scrap highscores!

fertilization is simple, within a radius near the feeding trough, once feed, animals will release manure, and you will need a waste bot to pick it up, and deposit it into a fertilization facility. the waste bot dosnt need the facility within its radius, but is in its best intrest for time, as long as you have 1 or 2 within the animals dropping spots.

Tips & Tricks From a 35 Hour Farm

once that process is automated, fertilization bots can be placed anywhere!
fertilization bots do not require a storage box, nor fertilization facility near them, but instead go off of your total collected, just make sure you get the most out of the bots radius.

Tips & Tricks From a 35 Hour Farm

fertilized crops produce 25% faster, and the fertilization lasts an hour, so not many bots are needed.

Bee Keeping

Bee Keeping is the alternative farming type to crops, found in it are the berry bushes and be buildings!

How does bee keeping work?
be keeping is done through the 9 differnt berry bushes which range from 20-30 minutes per berry, and 20-40 biofuel per berry. bushes can only be picked by forbic and his drones.

now, how do the bulblets and butterflies play a role?
bulblets are little bugs that spawn from the bulb hives that you can place, these slowly accumulate biofuel in their containers, and are aquired once they are clicked on, but no worrys, as even when your bulbs are ready to be collected, they will still accumulate more biofuel.
(i dont know the rate or ready amount)
butterflies, unlike bulbs, dont accumulate bio fuel, but are passive in that they spawn 8 butterflies per cage placed, and boost the growth speed of nearby berry bushes, again, i don’t the percentage boost.

both butterflies and bulblets passively boos the production speed of berries in their radius

Storage Bins

Storage Bins Are Simple, as all of them are connected!
storage bins are best used next to harvester bots, as they travel to and from these bins, the bins add all crops to an overall storage, than, the biofuel bots take from the storage and move it to be used.

storage bins dont need to be in a bots radius, but it is in your best interest
also, rusty’s house acts as a storage bin, and a water well, this can be used late game as well as its use for early game.

Big Plants

always plant 2×2 or 3×3 crops next to each other!
the best way to get quick biofuel, or a feel good decoration is by getting lucky, and getting a big boy plant!, this is done by planing the same crops all in the same plot!
(most plants dont have big variants, only the pumpkin, cucumber and tomato it seems like)


who cares how many bots you have, upgrades are the way to go!

upgrades are very inexpensive, and will double your production when done right!

Tips & Tricks From a 35 Hour Farm

but be aware, the recharge cost of each bot will increase by 1 every few upgrades, meaning you need to know what bots will make the best use of it.

Other Farms

other farms, such as Flower Swamp & Sandy Desert pose new challenges compared to Rusty’s usual farming experience, as they make you need to be aware of the lack of water, or water getting in the way! these farms can be unlock one after the other, once you unlock all 6 spaces expanding outwards, and “beating” The Farm, allowing you to start a new.

Tips & Tricks From a 35 Hour Farm

Quick Keybinds

Reset the Camera To Rusty’s, use ‘R’

bring out the crop inspector to see what crop is in use using ‘I’
Tips & Tricks From a 35 Hour Farm

quick demolish by using ‘backspace’
Tips & Tricks From a 35 Hour Farm

Game running to fast? use ‘space’ to pause!
Tips & Tricks From a 35 Hour Farm

zoom in n’ out using ‘up / down, or M / N’

you can cycle through the tabs without needing to click with ‘1-9’

dont like how Rusty’s keeps getting hidden behind other windows, use ‘always on top’ mode

Tips & Tricks From a 35 Hour Farm

Best Settings

for the least amount of computer takeover, make sure to use 30 fps and 1 on-demand rendering. this will make the game feel more pixel-like animated, and will let your computer breath easy when running this game as well as somthing else.

Tips & Tricks From a 35 Hour Farm

takbar / sidebar:
using taskbar, you can increase the value to place the game at the top of your screen, or center

Tips & Tricks From a 35 Hour Farm

also, if you are playing on sidebar, you can increase it as well, flipping from right to left.

if you want to achieve this on your monitor, you can enter a custom value of 9999, and it will auto set the value to its max it can go, some monitors wont work with this, primary the 1920×1080 monitors will only work.

Full Screen Mode

whilst running my second farm, vertically instead horizontal, i was using my vertical monitor instead, i was able to zoom in and turn the game to full screen, dedicating a monitor to the game


Tips & Tricks From a 35 Hour Farm

The priority list allows you to change your 2 most valuable workers order of operations
if you are lacking in watering, or are running low on bio fuel, you can make Rusty or Haiku do that over something like building or moving your objects, this is very useful at times where you feel like you cant get currency fast enough!

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