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FF7 Remake Corneo’s Secret Stash Walkthrough

FF7 Remake Corneo’s Secret Stash Walkthrough

Corneo’s Secret Stash Walkthrough

Prerequisite: Complete The Angel of the Slums in Chapter 8

Speak to Damon north of Sector 5 Slums to kick the quest off. Head to the marked area in the north-east of Sector 5. Pick up Corneo Vault Note. This note refers to the locked Red Corneo Doors with a dragon design. Now head back to the Sector 5 Church and speak to Kyrie – you can do this at the same time as for the Tomboy Bandit quest if you want.

You now get the key and can go and open these doors to get their items. They’re as follows:

  • Door in Collapsed Expressway: 2x Moogle Medal. Diamond Tiara key item.
  • Door in Sector 5 Slums: Circlet, Ruby Tiara key item, Prayer Materia, several Moogle Medals, and consumables.
  • Door in Sewers: Fight Sahagin Prince. Get Moogle Medals, Emerald Tiara key item, and Enfeeblement Ring.

Many of these items are key items that you can’t do anything with or sell, but return to Marle in the ruined playground near the entrance to the Sector 7 ruins and you can turn the items in for one final reward.

Corneo’s Secret Stash Quest Reward

  • The Art of Swordplay Vol. III
  • HP and MP restored

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