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FF7 Remake Lost Friends Walkthrough

FF7 Remake Lost Friends Quest

Lost Friends Walkthrough

Lost Friends is a side mission in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The objective Lost Friends side quest is to find Betty’s Cat. How to find Betty’s Cat you ask? Well, you need to look at 3 different locations and then return to Betty. There is more than one cat, 3 in total hence, 3 locations.

  • Location #1: The first location you can check is on the exit road of the Residential Area, the exit road is the one that leads to the Pillar Plaza.
  • Location #2: You can find the second cat in front of Tifa’s bar “Seventh Heaven.”
  • Location #3: East of your apartment there are some houses behind a fence. You will come across a woman with a green quest marker pointing to a dark metal tube. Go to the metal tube, the cat is on the other side.

Once you have all the cats head back to Betty and finish the side quest.

Lost Friends Quest Video Guide

Lost Friends Quest Reward

Scaring the cats towards Betty lands you the following items:

  • A maiden’s kiss
  • HP and MP fully restored

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