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FF7 Remake The Party Never Stops Walkthrough

FF7 Remake The Party Never Stops Walkthrough

The Party Never Stops Walkthrough

At this stage of the game you will be given two quests by an NPC, and which quests depend on the NPC: Sam or Madam M. This is the first Sam quest. The outcome of this quest is determined primarily based on the level of your materia, and it’s easier to see different outcomes on a second play-through.

Talk to the shop owner. Follow the waypoints until you get to the vending machine. Use the Assess materia (I was at 57 types of enemy assessed at this point). What you get depends on how much assessing you have done; at 57 assessed I got Vitalabrew, Crimson Spike and The Sauce, as well as a Moogle Medal.

Next, give advice to restaurant based on materia level. I gave “Stove” with Fire level 2.

Then you help the Pharmacy with “Cleansing” Materia. How many people you help will depend on the level of materia. There are three sick people you can help if your materia is level 3. The first sick person is in the bathroom of the restaurant. The second person is in the end of the alley on the west side of Wall Market. The third person is on the east side. Each awards an item.

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When done, head back, and give the VIP Card to the store owner.

The Party Never Stops Quest Reward

  • Turbo Ether
  • HP and MP restored

The Party Never Stops Objectives

  1. Meet with the clothing store owner’s son.
  2. Drag the clothing store worker’s inebriated father out of Drunkard’s Den and back to the shop.
  3. Go to the materia merchant to find the drunk man’s “inspiration”
  4. Purchase what the materia merchant needs from the inn’s vending machine
  5. Take the Sauce back to the materia merchant
  6. Apparently, the “inspiration” is in the restaurant. Go and see if the owner has it
  7. Johnny’s feeling pretty sick after eating that food. Follow Johnny to the pharmacy
  8. Deliver medicine for the pharmacy. Ask the pharmacist for information on where to go
  9. Medicine delivered. Return to the pharmacy.
  10. The man’s “inspiration” has returned in the form of a VIP member’s card for the Honeybee Inn. Return to the bar to give the man the card
  11. Cloud drags the drunk man back to the clothing store. Talk to his son who is waiting inside.
  12. Johnny and the clothing store owner hit it off, and Johnny decides that he too want to get “inspired”. This town does something to people…
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The Party Never Stops Notes & Tips

To unlock this side quest you must do the following:

  • Witness Johnny’s discovery event: Vagabond Johnny and select “Yeah” when you speak to him
  • Gamble against Sam when you are prompted by calling “Heads” or “Tails” before flipping the coin
  • Pay 500 Gil for the “Poor Man’s Course” massage treatment at Madam M’s place.

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