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For Honor – Commonly Asked Questions

I didn’t see any guide discussing general questions about the game, stuff you’d probably think about and then try to scour all over trying to find an answer. Here, these are just straight to the point Q&A’s that I’ve found and that I’ve asked myself over time. If there are any thing I missed or if I’m wrong on anything, please speak up. I’ll add more as time goes on, too.


– Can you deflect unblockables?

– Can you deflect ally attacks?
Yes, but your attack will hit your enemy.

– Can you deflect external attacks?
Yes. Typically, your attack will hit the enemy that you deflected off of and not who you’re targeted on.

– Does landing a hit from attacking from above break your fall?
Yes. Yet, if you miss, it will kill you in most cases. Jumping on minions also breaks your fall.

– Does bleed stack?
Somewhat. It’s capped around 50 dmg, though bleed feats ignore this.

– Do all executions gain the same health?
No. The longer the execution, the more health you gain.

– Can you deflect in succession?

– Will you be dealt damage if you deflect?

– Can you place your troops in different areas of the faction war map, despite what game mode you play?
Yes. If you’re playing Breach, you can put your troops in the part of the war map that Duels or Battle covers.

– Does activating Revenge while bleeding cancel the bleeding?
Yes, though if you are bled while in Revenge, it still applies and can still be there after you exit Revenge.

– If you throw an enemy at someone, ally or enemy, does it count as a wall splat?

– Is there team damage?
Yes, though it deals considerably less damage.

– Can you guard break minions?

Game Modes

– Can you damage the ram without the cauldron?
Yes. Ballista works on the ram, but attacking it normally does not.

– Does standing next to the ram make it travel faster?

– Does the Guardian in Breach attack anyone?
Yes, it attacks any member of any team.

– Can you execute Officers in Breach?

– Does each individual match in Arcade count as an actual match?
Yes. This is the best way to complete Orders that make you play X matches with a hero type.

– Does the feat “Conqueror” work in Breach?
Yes, it makes capturing archer points and healing points 15% faster.

– Can you boost mid in Dominion?


– Can you parry Nuxia’s traps?
No. Originally, Nuxia’s traps where supposed to hit even if you do try to parry. Though, if you attack in the same direction, Nuxia will whiff her trap and you’ll hit.

– Can you deflect Shinobi’s ranged attacks?
Depends on the range. If you’re further away, you’ll only dodge through it.

– Who has the fastest lights? 
Personally, I think it’s Nuxia, though some might say Orochi.

– Who has the fastest dodge?

– Who throws the farthest?
Raider. Or Warlord, depending on how you’re looking at it.

– Who has the most damage?
Shugoki, with his charged top heavy.

– Who has the shortest reflex guard duration?
Gladiator at 500ms.

– Who has the most health?
Shugoki has the highest natural health at 160HP, but a Warlord with “Tough as Nails” beats him at 175HP.

– Who has the quickest speed?
Peacekeeper has the quickest natural run speed, yet Shinobi beats her with the sprint he can do.

Written by Babel

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