Foto Flash 2 – Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

Foto Flash 2 - Walkthrough and Achievement Guide


To complete the story, follow the following steps:

  • Talk to the lady (Pansy) standing in the middle of the hallway to start your quest
  • Talk to the man in Pansys office to get the drug test sidequest
  • Go out of the office and turn left on the first opportunity.
  • Enter the “Date Night” store and talk to the lady (Rose) at the counter to get her quest
  • Leave the store and talk to the guy standing in front of it to get the panty collecting quest
  • Go further left and pick up the glove laying on the ground
  • Now go back and walk to the right till you see the “Army World” shop
  • Enter the shop and talk to the lady at the counter (Cactus) to get her quest
  • Go to the back of the shop and walk down the right path, solving the easy block pushing puzzles
  • – If you have problems with them, look at the map I made, or reset everything by exiting the room.
  • – If you get stuck, pull out your phone, save the game, go to the main menu, and enter the game again to reset your position
  • You’ll find a fishing rod at the end of the box maze. Pick it up.
  • Now go back to the entrance and go down the left path to find the pistol
  • Once you have the pistol go back to Cactus and give it to her. This will get you her photo
  • Go outside and now walk upwards once you reach the magazine shelf
  • Once you’ve gone past the escalator take a sharp turn left and walk downwards. Then left again till you reach a graffiti
  • Pick up the red footprints and walk to the right
  • Cross the bridge and walk down. Then right again. Till you reach another graffiti. (See on the map)
  • Pick the sunflower seeds up and continue walking right till you reach a wall.
  • Pick up the striped panties laying on the ground
  • Go left again and walk upwards at the first possibility
  • You’ll see a detective and a boy in a hoodie on the left side
  • Talk to the detective (Violet) to get her quest
  • Give Violet the following items: Footprints, Seeds, Glove
  • Now you’ll get her photo
  • Go further left till you meet a reporter. Talk to him to get the drug quest
  • Walk upwards and enter the arcade
  • Pay the lady (Daffodil) at the desk 100$ to be able to play the games
  • Get a Highscore in every game
  • Here are some tips for the games:
  • – Turbo Snake: Don’t turn around to quickly or you’ll crash into your tail
  • – Sala City Shakedown: Try to stay in the middle to win
  • – Meteor Shower: Try to avoid having many small meteors around. Always go for the powerups. This game will need some trys till you get the hang of it. Sadly there’s no easy way to beat it.
  • After getting the highscores talk to daffodil again to get her photo
  • Go out of the arcade and walk to the left, till you find the food court.
  • Talk to the Hot Dogs lady (Daisy) to get her quest
  • Talk to the girl standing next to a table
  • Go back to Pansy and give her the photos you’ve take for 300$ (Maybe you’ll have to talk to her twice)
  • Go to back to the detective Violet. From there on go right and down the first escalator.
  • Talk to the mermaid (Azalea) to get her quest
  • Talk to the guy in front of the archers
  • To the right of the archers you’ll find an empty jar. Take it with you.
  • Now go back up the escalator and talk to the janitor on the right.
  • Give him 200$ to let you through.
  • Enter the pharmacy found to the right after going up the escalator
  • Talk with the lady (Petunia) on the desk
  • Pick up the notebook on the ground
  • Now go out of the pharmacy and walk left till you find the buffet
  • Enter the buffet and pay 100$ to eat there
  • Pick up the salad
  • Use the fishing pole on the aquarium
  • Get the red fish
  • Talk to the lady in blue (Dahila) to get her quest
  • Look at Clue #1 in your inventory
  • Go out of the buffet and walk down to the toilet
  • Use the empty char on the toilet
  • Go back to Azalea the mermaid and give her Fred the fish to get her photo
  • Go to Pansy to get 100$ for the photo
  • Now go to the photo booth which you saw on the way to the buffet. Next to it is an escalator.
  • Use that escalator and turn left
  • Talk to the artist (Tulip) to get her quest
  • Enter the cinema to the right
  • Pay the ticket and get the flashlight from the left theatre
  • Now use the flashlight on the guy in front of the Archers
  • Enter the Archers
  • Solve the labyrinth (See map) and get the red panties and the paint tube
  • Bring the Paint Tube to Tulip to get her photo
  • Go to the food court and give the hungry girl the Quinoa Salad to get her photo
  • Now go to the pharmacy and give Petunia the Baboobs CD
  • On your way back to pansy you’ll come across some magazines interact with them to get the second clue. Read it
  • Get 200$ from pansy by bringing her the photos
  • Give the guy next to pansy the Jar of Pee
  • Interact with the shelf in the middle of Pansy’s Office to get the 3rd Clue. Read it
  • Go to the food court and buy 1 hot dog from better dogs
  • Give the Ketchup to Daisy to get her photo
  • Now go down the escalator and interact with the photo booth. You’ll get Clue 42872
  • Call the phone number in the clue
  • Go to the cinema and show the notebook to the guy at the desk. He’ll sell you drugs for 100$
  • Enter the right theatre and talk to the guy in a black coat
  • Go to the buffet and give the package to Dahila to get her photo
  • Go back to the photo booth and go further downwards till you meet a guy with a camera.
  • Give the guy with the camera the Hot Dog
  • Go to the reporter guy and give him Some Drugs
  • Go to the guy in front of the lingerie store and give him WhitePanties, RedPanties and Striped Panties
  • Talk to him again and he’ll give you the missing panties
  • Return the missing panties to Rose
  • Speak with Pansy, you’ll get her photo if you tell her that you convinced the TV host
  • Sell her all the photos
  • Go out of the office

And that’s it. You’ve successfully beaten the game!


By completing the main story you should have gotten nearly achievement in the game.

To get the remaining achievements you’ll have to:

  • Go to danners disks and buy all the tracks
  • Get a score of 200 in Sala City Shakedown
  • Get a score of 30,000 in Meteor Shower
  • Get a score of 100 in Turbo Snake

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