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Gibbous A Cthulhu Adventure Achievement Guide

Crazy cultists. Cthulhu. A talking cat. Gibbous takes you on an expansive, traditionally animated, hand-painted adventure. Play as three protagonists and explore a lushly rendered Lovecraft-inspired world, unraveling ancient conspiracies. A comedy cosmic horror adventure made in Transylvania!

Gibbous A Cthulhu Adventure Achievement Guide

Gibbous A Cthulhu Adventure Achievements.

Gibbous A Cthulhu Adventure
Gibbous A Cthulhu Adventure


Grimoire grabber – Your trembling hands grab the Necronomicon!
[Achievement Story Related Unmissable]

Cat collaborator – Kitteh, help?
[Achievement Story Related Unmissable]

Make it soda – I wonder if this fridge is empty…
[Achievement Story Related Unmissable]

Chapter One. Darkham

Buddy-buddy Buzz – Make a couple of friends in Darkham
[Achievement Story Related Unmissable]

Observant Occultist – Read and remembered the correct Voodoo sequence
Tell the Voodoo Guy the correct sequence for the voodoo curse. Which is picture, doll and scissors.

Chapter Two. The Temple

Acute Adventuritis – Rubbin’ things together
[Achievement Story Related Unmissable]

Match boxing – Punched it. Nothing happened.
You have to use (the cog icon) the matchstick structure above the trapezohedron.

Worth the weight – Do I look heavier?
[Achievement Story Related Unmissable]

Chapter Three. Fishmouth

Hook, line, and stinker – Arrived in Fishmouth
[Achievement Story Related Unmissable]

Fishmouth Sailor failure – Kitteh, for your listening pleasure!
[Achievement Story Related Unmissable]

Don’t doubt the trout – Mr.Scruff has some Fish for you
Talk to the citizen with the newspaper keep doing it until you reached the first line he says again.

Life fizz surprising – Give Milton soda before he suggests it
Give Milton the soda before talking to him. Milton is on the same street as the newspaper guy, he is sitting next to his truck.

Shanty shenanigans – Harbors make me want to sing out loud
At the harbor don’t move for a while, just stand still. Within a minute Buzz will start singing.

Brew out of it – Changed a life for the better
[Achievement Story Related Unmissable]

Bizarre breadcrumbs – Found Olmstein’s Sign
[Achievement Story Related Unmissable]

Cast in the past – Use Haunter’s Mark for the first time
[Achievement Story Related Unmissable]

Just In Casefile – Read 10 case files
At Don’s office read 10 files in the cabinet.

Chapter Four. Paris

City of lightning – Arrive in Paris
[Achievement Story Related Unmissable]

Hook could tell – Here, of all places!
You just arrived in Paris, at Don’s feet there is a small hook. Pick it up.

Dread ringer – Call Serge 15 times
In the same room as you just found the fishing hook there is bell on the desk to call Serge. Do this, Serge will walk up to the desk, send him away again. Do this 15 times and the achievement is yours. This will take a little while, Serge ain’t the fastest out here.

Clairvoyant conjurer – Got the pentagram sequence right the first time around
Solve the pentragram the first time around. Pretty simple. Here is the solution:

# Book Word
I Iconis Cattus
II Identificatio Idolatres est
III Idolum In Ignis draconi
IV Impedio Vacerrosus in
V Vastificum finem

Chapter Five. Transylvania

Vlad you could make it – Arrive in Transylvania
[Achievement Story Related Unmissable]

Garlc Nation dedication – I had to stick around and hear what happens!
Once in Transylvania go all to the right of the screen to the Inn. In the Inn there is a radio on the bar. Listen to the radio until the achievement pops up.

Courage under firewater – You can drink it. Twice!
In the Inn at the bar talk the barman. He will challange you to drink Tzuica. Do this 2 times and you will get the achievement.

Conscientious critic – Have the Art Critic examine 5 items
When you meet the Art Critic, talk with here about 5 items from your inventory.

Lore lover – Can you tell me about the mural again?
Talk to the Old Man sitting at the Mural just outside the city walls. Ask him to tell about the mural twice. You’ll need to see the cutscene twice to get the achievement.

Hatching a headache – Kitteh attacked the hatch one too many times
In the room with the impenetrable door, there is a hatch at the ceiling. Send Kitteh to bang her head 5 times on that hatch without the helmet, and you’ll get the achievement.

Lofty littering – I didn’t really need these.
First you have to get some garbage. You can get the garbage from the main street of Transylvania in a grabage can. After you passed the masks you stand in front of Vlad’s caste. You now can trow that garbage in the abyss.

A view for a few – I can see my house from here!
In Vlad’s castle go to the uppper left or upper right purple arrows. The game will zoom out on the castle, and the achievement will unlock.

Fork buddy – Used the bent fork to open the chest
Get the fork from Ion’s table in the Inn. In Vlad’s castle go to the upper middle purple arrow. In that room is a chest, open the chest with the fork.

Thin skin win – Beat Vlad on your first try [This achievement is currently broken]
Beat Vlad in the rapbattle on the first try. Here is the correct order.

  1. Talk about castle
  2. Talk about opponent
  3. Talk about origins
  4. Brag

Flawless feline – Solved the planet puzzle on your first try
Solve with Kitteh the planet puzzle on the first try. This is the solution.

  1. Upper-left Button
  2. Upper-right Button
  3. Middle Button
  4. Upper-right Button

Chapter Six. Festival

Smooth sleuth – Goin’ on a date
Talk with the blonde lady (Margot) before you got the Voodoo Guy to get your robes. Talk with her and agree to go on a date. If you get this achievement first, you can’t get the ‘Cultist charisma’ achievement, unless you save it before you talk to Margot.

Cultist charisma – Goin’ on a weird date
After you visted the Voodoo Guy with Don and got the robes on, go outside and talk with blonde lady (Margot) and agree with going on a date.

Chundercover – Why, yes, I do smell like dead fish!
[Achievement Story Related Unmissable]

Party off the scales – Arrived at the Festival
[Achievement Story Related Unmissable]

Amateur Saboteur – Trip up the Doomsayer on your first try
Make the crowd mad by finishing the Doomsayers sentences. This is the solution.

  1. The biggest problem!
  2. Achieve anything!
  3. Losers!
  4. Waste of time!
  5. Lemon cake and cotton candy.

Chapter Seven. Point Nemo

Coming soon.

Random Achievements

Here i have a couple of random achievements that aren’t story related.

Lazy lurker – Skippin’ screens
Double click the purple arrows to get to a location faster. Do this like 10/20 times (don’t know the exact number of times) and the achievement will unlock.

Compulsive combiner – Use items on hotspots 100 times
Use items from your inventory a 100 times on hotspots in the game. You probably unlock the achievement naturally.

Exhaustive examiner – Examined 100 hotspots
Use the eye icon 100 times to examine hotspots in the game. You probably unlock the achievement naturally.

Written by Captain Picard

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