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God Eater 3 Elements and Properties

Elements and Properties

Each God Arc part comes with a set of characteristics and one unique skill (found right below the name). Having a good understanding of these elements and properties will benefit you in the long haul since throughout the game you will encounter a large variety of Aragami, each with their own strength and weaknesses. It is important to identify what their weakness and strength’s are so you can construct a God Arc tailor made to eliminate that Aragami as quickly and efficiently as possible.

ATK is the overall damage a weapon can inflict. It is separated into three damage types; Slash, Crush and Pierce. None of them offer unique bonuses other than adding a damage type that can do more damage to specific Aragami and can be increased through the use of Abandoned God Arcs. DEF is the shield equivalent of ATK and it determines approximately how much overall damage a shield can withstand.

The symbols beneath the damage types are the elemental properties a weapon contains. If a weapon has “-” on any elemental properties then it does not provide any damage modifiers or bonuses in regards to any element. If a weapon has “O” on any of the elements, then it provides a level 1 damage modifier with that specific element making it stronger, or weaker, to specific Aragami by 25%.
If a weapon has “OO” on any element, then it provides a level 2 damage modifier making it even more powerful or weaker to specific Aragami in regards to that element. Weapons can have multiple elements for more diversity or damage bonuses. Elemental properties can also be enhanced through the use of consumables, abandoned god arcs, or engage effects. Shields can also have an “X” on an elemental property, making it more susceptible/weaker to that element.

The empty slots underneath the elements are slots for Abandoned God Arcs, allowing you to fine tune your God Arc to better suit your playstyle or provided added benefits in battle. Once a slot is filled, the Abandoned God Arc cannot be recovered and can only be replaced with a new one. You can also fill the slots with Abandoned God Arcs of the same name on multiple slots at the same time. Although different God Arc parts can have a different number of slots, their effects can be shared with one another. For example, one Abandoned God Arc on a blade can be stacked with another one of the same name on a Gun as long as they are both equipped.

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