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Gold Rush: The Game – Blacksmith and Magnetite System (Update 1.4.4)

Update 1.4.4 brought many changes to the existing Balcksmith & Magnetite systems. Here’s everything you need to know to get the most out of this system!

Update 1.4.4 – Magnetite System Rework

Magnetite is no longer only the source of additional money. Now it has its real purpose.
Magnetite is used to upgrade the blacksmith equipment to make the smelting cheaper, faster, and lossless.

From now on the blacksmith doesn’t work instantly and have unlimited furnace size. You now have to wait for the smelted bars. Meanwhile, you can go to town, fuel up your vehicles, go shopping, or drive through the world in search of the stories 🙂

<IN PROGRESS> There will be change to the smelting time. We were pointed by one of our players, that the amount of gold smelted in furnace doesn’t really matter. It’s all about the size and the heat of furnace… So with next update, the amount of smelted gold won’t increase the smelting time – it’ll be fixed and only depend on the upgrades which should make the game a bit more enjoyable

To gather Magnetite you have to use magnetite separator. Grab dug the earth and put it through magnetite separator, to extract magnetite to separate bucket. Then you have some place to store magnetite. That’s what magnetite trailer is for. Just pour the bucket of magnetite inside.

When you consider there is enough magnetite in the trailer to make the ride visit the local factory. There is a defined area where you can dump magnetite to add it to your “account”. Just park the trailer on top of that and pull the lever to empty the trailer.

When you reach enough magnetite to unlock new upgrade, drive to the blacksmith and choose what upgrade you’d like to unlock. Each of them is important in some way, so ultimately you’d want them all.

<IN PROGRESS> When all upgrades are already unlocked you can sell additional magnetite directly to the blacksmith. Just use “Sell Magnetite” Tab. That way there is a reason for selling it even when on highest Gold Equipment Tiers.

<IMPORTANT> There will be slight changes on how the magnetite extraction from earthworks in next update, so this guide will be updated then.


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