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Graveyard Keeper – Honey and Berry Locations

Cakes are great, make Cakes. Here’s where to get the honey and Berries you need.

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Red is berries, Gold is honey. I’m sure I missed some honey trees (The one in the southwest of the grain farm appears uncollectable) so if you catch any that I missed, let me know and I’ll update.

Cakes restore 95! energy per use
Cakes require 5 berries, 1 honey, and 1 pastry dough per cake
Pastry Dough requires 2 flour, 1 jug of milk, and 1 egg to make 4 dough

The MAXIMUM energy cost for each cake is 8-9 per cake, and if you buy the flour (plus milk and eggs), it’s between 10-25 copper per cake in investment, which makes either cakes immensely broken in their power for cost, and low time investment to make especially on the fly, or everything else broken and weak.

To unlock cakes, simply bring 5 honey over to Linus Dig and he’ll give you the recipe. You can do this from day 1.

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Written by Mike Takumi

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