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Gray Zone Warfare: Wondering what ammunition to use?

Firearms and you! Instantly dying in Ban Pa despite wearing body armor? Find out now!

Gray Zone Warfare: Wondering what ammunition to use?

Gray zone warfare utilizes an armor system based upon the NIJ armor system where each piece has these functions

Coverage sections F S B: This rating is seen in the top left of the inspect screen and shows where the armor will protect you from incoming fire. If the slot is greyed out the armor offers NO protection in that area.

Armor class: Body armors range from IIIA to III+. The higher the protection the better. Self explanatory.

Durability: This shows how many shots your armor can still protect you from. Depending on the ammo used the amount of durability damage taken differs, If an armor blocks the shot it can be as high as 10% or as low as 2 or 3% if the round is either very weak or penetrates with ease. Aslong as an armor has even 1% durability it still offers it’s full NIJ protection. But when broken it offers none.

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Material F.E: aramid, Steel, Ceramic: Acts as a modifier for durability damage. Ceramic degrades quicker then steel.

Tier 1 enemies: Starter town

Suggested armor: IIIA

Suggested ammo: Any

Expected threats: 7.62 Soft Point (AKM/SKS) 7.65 FMJ (VZ 61 skorpion),

The entry level enemies within your starter town are not much of a threat. Try to choose an armor with full Front Side and back coverage to protect yourself from any unlucky deaths.

Tier 2: Ban Pa and Hunter’s paradise.

Within all ‘tier 2’ points of interest such as Ban Pa or Hunter’s paradise enemies start fielding dangerous equipment comparable to PMC’s with lvl 1 traders.

Suggested armor: III.

Suggested ammo: 5.45/5.56 FMJ (not M193), 7.62×51 M80, 7.62×39 US. (any FMJ caliber will do)

Enemy ammunition: FMJ and U.S ammo.
Special threats include the occasional mosin wielding NPC which can penetrate even LVL III using steel core 7.62x54R (LPS GZH.)

Enemy armor: All enemy units within these zones tend to wear Commander armor. A class IIIA vest that has front and back protection. Helmets are uncommon and class II at most.

Tips: Sadly, Your helmets stop being as useful here as they were in your starter town. While they may reduce some incoming damage rarely if you get shot in the head 9/10 times you will go down.

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Tier 3: The army

Suggested armor: III+

Suggested ammo: 5.45/5.56 PS/M855, 7.62x54R LPS GZH. (ammunition with a STEEL CORE is vital)

Enemy ammunition: 5.56 Steelcore (M855), 5.45 PP (Steel core)

Enemy armor: III plate carriers (pantsir) with front and back coverage, Body armor with III+ front only (6b23)

Enemies within these zones are equipped with armor piercing munition that easily penetrates most available armor. The only commonly available armor that can protect you in the III+ that lacks back armor. When encountering the 6b23 wearers aim for the head or unarmored back/sides.

Note: When entering PVP most players will be utilizing steel core from either Gunny 2 or Turncoat 1. The 6b23 is your best bet for gaining an advantage through armor. Even if it leaves you more exposed from other angles.

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