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GreedFall An Aspiring Merchant Guide

An Aspiring Merchant Guide

Quest Giver: New Serene, after speaking with Constantine.

Approximately at the center of New Serene, you’ll find a merchant highlighted by a question mark. Talk to him to start the quest. Go to the palace and visit the room on the left. There, you’ll find another door that leads to the minister’s office. Talk to the man, go up to Constantin and move through the door on the right side. Go higher and talk to Mr. de Courcillon. He will provide you with a recommendation letter. Show it to the minister and then bring the patent to the merchant.

The task does not end here. The merchant’s brother was arrested, and you should help him. Head to the tavern and go down to the arena. On the way, you’ll have to pay 25 coins. Having done this, talk to the arena manager and agree to fight against a captive hunter. Thanks to this conversation, a new quest Champion of the Arena will begin. Kill a man and then deal with animals. Dodge when they stand on their back paws. Together with the hunter, return to his brother, the merchant. The latter will tell you about his tribe in Vignamri and offer to speak to the leader Ullan. When you are ready, leave the town and go on foot to the ‘’globe’’ icon. Choose the desired place and go there. Then, you’ll have to walk approximately 500 meters to the village. Talk to the leader inside his hut to complete the quest. You may agree to complete a new side quest.

Reward: 1600 experience points.

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