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GreedFall Family Reunion Guide

Family Reunion Guide

Quest Giver: Complete “A Name for a Family” and speak with Vasco after you complete Vasco’s main mission tasks.

Go to New Serene and question Madame Morange. Now go to Madame Cler and speak about Vasco’s affairs. You can use 100 gold to bribe her, use Charisma, and intuition to get the information you need.

Now go to Hikemt Region and try to force Ferhat to confess. In order to achieve this, you must head downstairs and make sure Ferhat’s employees share their information by using Charisma. Go back and speak with Ferhat go find the debt collectors. You can spend 200 gold to pay the debt, request to pay the debt later or attack them.

We do not recommend attacking the debt collector’s as it will give you -1 reputation with the Congregation of Merchant. Go speak with Vasco now and share all the details to earn +4 reputation with Vasco and 1300XP.

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