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Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride – Achievement Guide


Story based achievement
You will get these achievements by completing the game. You can’t miss them.

Fuzzy lil fellow
Gain the little helper by rescuing the cat from the ledge in the first scene of the game.

Topple the trunk over the ravine.

Master hunter
Track your prey to its lair. You unlock this achievement after using the magic powder to track the bear through the forest.

Cheating death
Make a salve to heal the bear after it get hurt.

Pass the underground labyrinth.

I thee wed
Reveal the true nature of your enemy. Dress up like Lilly and take her place at the wedding to try and stop her fiance.

The wheel turns
Approach the Abyss edge.

Bonus chapter

The bottom
Pass the golden gate of the phoenix in the dragon room.

The Story’s end
Finish the bonus adventure.

Other achievements

To get these achievements, you will have to complete the game twice.
One time to get all the hidden object achievements and one time to get all the domino achievements.

Gossip queen
Talk to all the villagers in town, by clicking them BEFORE you follow Lilly inside the inn.

Quick one
Finish a hidden object scene in under a minute.

Find 3 hidden objects in just 3 seconds. The easiest way to do this, is to start out by finding 3 things from the list. Once you located them in the scene, click them in 3 seconds.

Finish a hidden object scene with 3 or less misclicks.

Piercing gaze
Finish 3 hidden object scenes in a row without using hints.

Finish all the hidden object scenes without using hints.

Puzzle master
Finish a puzzle in under a minute.

Don’t skip
Solve 3 puzzles without pressing skip.

Solve all the puzzles without pressing skip.

Speed reach
Finish a domino game in under a minute.
If you find most of the hidden objects BEFORE playing the domino game, you will have less sqares you need to reach in time –> making it easier to complete fast.
The easiest domino games is in the begining of the game.

Equally matched
Finish half the domino games.

Game, set, match
Finish all the domino games.

Film fanatic
Watch half the cutscenes in the games without skipping any of them.

Read all the notes, posters and so on in the game.

The hard way
Finish the game on expert mode.

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