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Hogwarts Legacy Severus Snape Build

The definitive Potions Master Build that uses a combination of various spells, potions and plants to defeat his enemies.

Builds in Hogwarts Legacy focuses on the various combinations players can create by using different types of Equipment and Spells, as well as Talents and Traits. Builds can be more geared towards different styles of gameplay, such as Exploration Oriented builds or more Combat Oriented Builds.

Hogwarts Legacy Severus Snape Build
Hogwarts Legacy Severus Snape Build

Hogwarts Legacy Severus Snape Build

  • Preferred House: Slytherin
  • Spells: Avada Kedavra, Depulso, Expellirarmus, Confringo
  • Key Talents: Enduring Curse, Curse Sapper, Basic Cast Mastery, Disarming Curse. Fertiliser, Edurus Potion Potency, Maxima Potion Potency, Thunderbrew Potency, Focus Potion Potency, Noxious, Confringo Mastery, Depulso Mastery
  • Traits: Concentration III, Herbology III, Fangs III, Destruction III, Disarming III

The way this build works is that you’ll use Potions and Plants to augment your playtsyle making you much more formidable. Fertiliser allows your Chinese Chomping Cabbages to summon 2 instead of 1, doubling their efficacy. This saves you crafting since you won’t need as many to get the job done. Additionally, Noxious makes your Venomous Tentacula deal even more damage and destroy shields.

The various Potion Masteries make nearly all your Potions more effective, allowing you to use them in a way few builds will.

When it comes to spells you’ll be able to use Avada Kedavra to kill enemies outright, and Depulso to push enemies away dealing damage if they fly into things, which they almost always do.

Expelliarmus allows you to disarm enemies, and also Curse them because of Disarming Curse. If you kill an enemy you disarm you will also heal because of Curse Sapper. Additionally, if you Avada Kedavra an enemy then any one you’ve hit with Expelliarmus will die too.

Confringo is good to set things on fire, and Confringo Mastery allows it to hit multiple targets, which is fantastic.

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