I Wanna Maker How to Make a Boss

I Wanna Maker How to Make a Boss

How to Make a Boss.

I Wanna Maker How to Make a Boss

If you want to make a boss it goes like this.

1. Make an platform.

2. Make your boss.

3. Set up some cannons and make attacks (put anything you want in there)

4. Then if the boss get shot or like this(don’t forget the cannon with big coins in there and it follows the player)
the boss
When Shot
Activate trigger
(any number)
On Trigger
Fire Cannon
5. Don’t forget the coin block and choose your health and make it easy first the harder ones are for the pros.

6. Then make a invisible cannon with a big portal (enormous)
then script it like this
On Coins Collected (health)
Fire Cannon
and here you go you made your own boss!

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Written by Drigon