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Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms – Time Gates Champion Choice

Advise on which Champions to unlock during time gates.


As i joined the community right before Dragon down my knowledge is limited of champions before Bruenor and i am therefor relying on community input.

Note: a Champion may be in two priority’s due to difference in priority for unlock and chests these markers are as follows:

  • Unlock – for unlocking the champion
  • Equipment – attempting to improve the champions equipment through chests
  • Event Equipment – Same as above but only if the champion obtained decent gear during their event.

Swaps refers to all chsmpions in the same slot.

High Priority

  • Strixx – Best Damage dealer.
    • Can out preform Jamilah with a few pieces of gear.
  • Evelyn – Great Buffer an decent tank.
  • Deekin – Buffer and accelerator.
    • Deekin can easilly surpass Bruenor as a buffer and accelerates early game.
  • Barrowin – Buffer.
    • She is overpowered.
  • Birdsong – Buffer and 2nd best Damage dealer in game.
    • She also increases deekins troubadour trope buff be just being in the formation.
  • Stoki – Buffer and Grinder.
    • Her golden palms Increases gold near the wall minimizing the loss of Jarlaxe’s gold buff whilst still possesing buffer skills.

Medium priority

Champions here are viable for swaps and are ussually about equal or better to their standard swaps of thier slot or need good equipment to out preforn thier other swaps.

  • Regis – Event equipment Buffer.
    • Regis can slightly outpreform Celeste with the right equipment that is unlikely to be gotten from only timegate chests.
  • Dhadius – Buffer.
    • Dhadius has more mobility than Calliope but only to champions with an intelligence of 14 or higher.
  • Catti-Brie – Debuffer.
    • Catti-Brieis a debuffer and is in possesion of a strong ultimate that can help gt past the wall.

Low Priority

Champions here are usually either outshined by their swaps but still have their moments to shine or need equal equipment to their swaps to outpreform them which is unlikely to happen.

  • Regis – Unlocking.
    • As Regis can only outpreform Celeste with equal equipment he is not truly valuable as a champion.
  • Zorbu – Better than Arkhan.
    • Despite being better than Arkhan his slot still causes you to drop another champion wich are ussually better.

Unlock only

Primarily useless champions outide of champion restricting levels and should not be chosen outside of unlocking.

  • Gromma
  • Nrakk
  • Binwin
  • Krond

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