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Imperator Rome: Pops Tips

Imperator: Rome is the newest grand strategy title from Paradox Development Studio. Set in the tumultuous centuries from Alexander’s Successor Empires in the East to the foundation of the Roman Empire, Imperator: Rome invites you to relive the pageantry and challenges of empire building in the classical era. Manage your population, keep an eye out for treachery, and keep faith with your gods.

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Pops Tips

  • Each pop has 3 defining characteristics: type, culture and religion.
  • Base happiness is 20% for citizens, 25% for freemen and 100% for both Tribesmen and Slaves.
  • Base happiness is then changed by type-specific, culture-specific and religion-specific modifiers resulting in the happiness value for each and every pop.
  • Average happiness of each pop type (citizens, slaves etc.) in the city determines the base output of that pop type. (I.e. 2 citizens with happiness of 100 and 1 with happiness of 40 will result with base output of 240/3=80 for that whole strata).
  • Bonuses to pop output are multiplicative rather than additive (I.e. +10% citizen output with average 50% happiness will only result in 55% output) only reaching their full potential when average happiness is 100%)
  • Happiness of a pop can’t go over 100% and excess happiness doesn’t count for average happiness of the pop type in the city.
  • Bonuses to happiness are better than ones to output when the former is low, but become worthless once it’s maxed out.
  • Every single pop with happiness below 50% will produce unrest in the city (see: Cities and Provinces)
  • Culture of the pop has by far the most impact on its happiness.
  • Happiness of pops of the main culture are only affected by country’s Tyranny score as well as low ruler’s popularity.
  • Happiness of pops of the wrong culture but of the same culture group gets a 10% hit and then and additional 0,5% for every point of Aggressive Expansion score.
  • Happiness of pops of the wrong culture group gets a 30% hit and then and additional 1% for every point of Aggressive Expansion score.
  • Assimilating pops to your culture is crucial for making them productive and your real stable.
  • Best way to assimilate pops is using a “Cultural Assimilation” policy in the province, but you can also manually assimilate them for the base price of 20 oratory power per pop when necessary, but it gets very expensive very soon.
  • Happiness hit for wrong religion caps out at 15% (5% for wrong state religion and 10% for wrong religion of the local governor).
  • Wrong religion among pops will lower your religious unity and thus affect your omen power, but that’s about it.
  • Best way to convert pops is using a “Religious Conversion” policy in the province, but you can also manually convert them for the base price of 20 religious power per pop when necessary.
  • Pops can be promoted from tribesmen and slaves to freemen as well as from freemen to citizens for the base cost of 10 oratory power.
  • Pop type makeup of your cities can be also affected by “Civilization Effort” and “Social Mobility” edicts.
  • “Civilization Effort” gradually turns tribesmen into slaves and freemen with a speed based on civilization level of the city.
  • “Social Mobility” will slowly balance out the number or citizens, freemen and slaves in the cities without affecting tribesmen.
  • Citizens are the only pop that produces research points. They also produce some commerce income.
  • Citizens’ base happiness of 20% is modified by the civilization value of their city. Which makes them quite easy or very difficult to please based on a country you play.
  • Freemen are your main source of manpower, but they don’t produce anything else.
  • Freemen’ base happiness of 25 is modified by the half of the civilization value of their city. That makes them quite easy or difficult to please based on a country you play.
  • Other happiness bonuses for freemen are easier to come by than the ones for citizens.
  • Tribesmen provide both manpower and tax, but not as much as freemen or slaves respectively.
  • Tribesmen start with basic happiness of 100%, but it is lowered by the civilization value of the city. You want to start getting rid of them once your civilization values start reaching the 40s.
  • Slaves provide tax and can produce trade good surpluses in cities
  • Slaves start with 100% base happiness and have no inherent modifiers.
  • Unhappy slaves can revolt. If not defeated quickly they will enlist slaves from provinces they occupy bolstering their numbers.
  • Pops can be moved between cities within the province or neighboring cities (even between provinces) for the base cost of 5 civic power for slaves and 20 civic power for others.
  • As of game version 1.0 there are no easy way to look through all those pop characteristic at one place, but there are few views that when combined will give you a close to full picture:
  • Nation screen (F1) allows you to see how many pops of each type are in every province and city (upon hovering over the province number).
  • Nation screen’s (F1) total number of pops will list the religion+culture group of pops in your nation when hovered over.
  • Religion screen’s (F6) Religious Unity value will tell you how many pops of wrong religion are in your country when hovered over.
  • Switching to culture mapmode (T) and hovering over cities will list the inhabiting pops by their cultures and split into pop types.
  • Switching to religion mapmode (Y) and hovering over cities will list the inhabiting pops by their religions and split into pop types.
  • Going into Macro Builder (top left of the screen, just under the flag) and selecting “Convert” or “Assimilate” action will allow you to quickly highlight the cities that have the pops of wrong culture or religion. Hovering over those cities will provide similar details to ones shown using mapmodes above.
  • Similar technique can be employed to look for those elusive tribesmen later in the game.
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