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Intruder – Gameplay Bacics

This guide is here so you can have an understanding of how Intruder plays out, and a basic idea of what everything does.

Gameplay Bacics

Basics of the guns
Alright, so first thing first, you want to know how the guns work. So far in the game you have a silenced pistol, an SMG, a less-than-lethal shotgun, and a sniper.

The pistol of course being silenced is your go-to weapon for stealth, all weapons in this game will one shot on a headshot, so this little guy is perfect for dropping guys without bringing attention to yourself. It has minimal sway and even has a glowing sight so you can use it well in the dark.

The SMG is the most common primary weapon, it’s loud, it has 30 shots in its mag, and it has numerous fire modes. Fully auto is okay for close quarters but you’ll burn through ammo quickly, where the others are still just as fine in such a situation. You have burst fire which shoots 2 shots per click, which is pretty good in close quarters and decent with range, and single shot is what you should use when dealing with people at a good distance. The SMG is pretty great but you’ll be giving away where you are to everyone on the map, so be careful.

The shotgun is a less than lethal gun which sits around a few spots on maps for you to pick up. It knocks people down and keeps them down for a good amount of time to arrest them with your melee, so you can deal with people without killing them. It has a bit of spread even when you ADS, and from what I see hipfire is just the same, so I prefer using that over ADS so I can be more aware of what’s going on around me.

The sniper is a relatively rare gun, usually locked behind a password you have to find on a paper to get into the room it is in, or to open its container. This gun is great for long distance of course, but doesn’t have many shots, so use your ammo wisely. You also need to be laying down to use it or else the kick will seriously mess up all your shots, so don’t bother trying anything else unless you are right in someone’s face.

Your hands. Yes, they are in this section because they too are very useful. You can use them to break windows, and to knock people over, and when someone is on the ground, you’ll arrest them once clicked on. Arrested people won’t be able to get back up, and cannot be saved by their allies, but they can still talk, so if they start screaming it’s best you just put them down with the pistol before their friends realize what’s happened to them.

Basics of gadgets
Alright, so now you know how guns work probably, along with your mighty hands. Now you have to know how your little tools work.

First things first you have three types of grenades, a frag grenade which deals some good damage and will knock people down, a smoke which is good for giving yourself some cover, or for distractions, and then you have CS gas, which will blur people’s vision, and invert their controls. Frag and CS are very good for clearing rooms that people are held up in, while smoke is much better to get from one place to another without being popped.

Next you have your C4 and optiwand. C4 when thrown, will stick to what it lands on and soon activate, ready for you to detonate with your right click. The optiwand is a tool you can use to look around a bit more safely. It’s a stick with a camera on the end, and when you hold down click you can turn the camera. You can stick it through broken windows in doors, around corners, and sometimes in little holes to get an idea of what’s happening somewhere, without exposing yourself, but make sure you don’t shove the whole stick around a corner or it’ll give you away anyways.

Banana and cardboard cutout. These two gadgets are pretty situational, the banana can be great for when you predict someone is rushing, or for making your friend slip off a dangerous height. Cardboard cutout is a little cardboard you, they aren’t really that sneaky when lights shining on them, but in dark areas they actually can be useful, as it may be hard to make them out which can distract someone, and at least waste a bit of their time.

Motion sensors. You can place down this and they’ll make a little beep beep only you can hear when they detect movement, these plus C4 can create a very dangerous trap and are good for places you expect enemies to go through.

Binoculars. You can use these to send images to allies, and have a much easier time spotting enemies, use these alongside a sniper to help them locate enemies much easier. It also has firemodes which let you toggle a radio, and the ability to save screenshots.

Radio. This is what you use to talk to your allies from a distance, see the next section for more information on it.

Lockpick. This is what you use to open doors that are locked, you move the pins or whatever they are to the middle and left click, get all of them open and the door is unlocked, and cannot be locked again.

Basics of your character
Your character in this game have a few more things to worry about than other shooters, you have energy and balance.

Energy is used up by running and moving while crouched, along with getting hurt. When low you will sway much more than usual, and your heavy breathing can possibly give you away, I don’t actually remember if enemies hear that or not.

Balance is what also has an effect on your aim, it’s better when you are crouched and prone, and very bad with in the air, or on a thin structure, like a concrete barrier.

Slipping. There are certain things you can slip off in this game, most rails you will slip off of, and other certain places that would be very cheap to go to, like up a steep rock. Falling off a rail can kill you, so try to avoid slipping on them please.

When you hit tab, your character snaps, which only your team can hear. After that you are given a few gesture options, which are great for communicating with your team without talking, so you won’t give yourself away.

Talking. You can of course talk with a press to push keybind, and with your radio. When using either you can be heard by the enemy too, so be careful what you say when you are close to a hostile, it could give away your location, and any plan you had to the enemy, which can and will screw you over. A lot of people click on the radio to do a life check, if you hear someone’s radio clicking, click too. This is what people do to check if allies are alive or not, and is more important than you’d think.

Basics of how the game plays
You have the guards, and intruders. In order to win, you either have to complete the objective, or kill all the enemies on the team, there are NO respawns.

Guards have to keep either a package, or computers safe from the intruders which will try to steal their cases, and hack their computers. Kill all intruders or run out the time to win.

Intruders, have to steal the cases, or hack the computers on a map, to win. They too of course can kill all guards to win that way, but make sure you don’t run out of time, because even if a single guard is alive, they will win that round.

Friendly fire is in this game, so make sure you aren’t opening fire on a friendly. Guards and intruders have a very different look so this shouldn’t happen often, but mistakes can happen. If you do kill an ally, make sure you apologize when you can. If you are killed by an ally, don’t take it the wrong way. People can be twitchy, especially in enemy territory or under pressure.

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