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Kenshi Great Frontiers: Full Content Log

Current Changes

Black Dragon Ninjas

  • Black Dragon Genins can spawn with the Hooded Iron Hat or Hooded Rattan Hat. They wear Ninja Gi instead of Drifter’s Leather Pants. The ninjas also wield the Dragon’s Teeth, a katana variant with slightly more blunt damage.
  • Black Dragon camps and patrols now spawn in Skinner’s Roam, Border Zone and Shem.
  • If Inquisitor Seta is killed or kidnapped, Black Dragon patrols will spawn in Okran’s Pride and Okran’s Gulf.
  • New dialogue spoken if they spot their rivals, the Dust Bandits or White Eyebrows.
  • Patrols can spawn with backpacks containing rations and loot.

Black Desert Ninjas

  • Black Dragon Ninjas spawn wearing the Fog Hood and Black Desert Rags (ninja rag variant) so that they can survive in the Deadlands. They also wield the Wire Gutter, a katana variant with increased robot damage.
  • HQ in The Black Desert, Gas Grove. Their leader, Ammonia, has the meitou Wire Gutter and a 20,000 cat bounty.

Blood Raiders

  • Blood Raiders now rarely spawn in The Great Desert, Skimsands and their camps in The Eye.
  • Blood Raiders now wield the Blood Cleaver and wear the Raider Helmet, Armoured Rag Skirt and Ancient Samurai Boots.
  • Each squad now spawns with a Blood Boss as their leader with a UC bounty.
  • The fall of either the UC or HN leads to the Blood Raiders invading their territories with camps and patrols.

Crab Raiders

  • Crab Raiders now wield the Crab Sledge, a heavy blunt weapon. Crab Queen’s elite guard wear the Elite Crab Helmet.
  • New ‘Crabavans’ act as the traders of the forbidden zone, visiting bars and players’ outposts.
  • Crab Raider patrols and Crabavans spawn with Crab Backpacks containing supplies.
  • The contestants of the Crab Tournament have been diversified to give them individuality.

Dust Bandits

  • Dust Bandits can spawn with the Spiked Club, Longsword and Scavenger’s Katana.
  • Dust Bosses spawn wearing Armoured Rags.
  • New dialogue spoken if they spot their rivals, the Black Dragons or White Eyebrows.
  • If you kidnap the Dust King and hold him in your base, a dust army will show up to negotiate his release. You can ask for money or an alliance. Release the Dust King and your demands will be furfilled.
  • If Inquisitor Seta is killed or kidnapped, Dust Bandit patrols will spawn in Okran’s Pride and Okran’s Gulf.
  • Patrols can spawn with backpacks containing rations and loot.

Holy Nation Outlaws

  • Escaped Servants have a chance to wear Monk Robes, as well as wielding Longswords, Horse Choppers or Iron Clubs.
  • Hub Squatters have a chance to be Black Dragon Genins, Dust Bandits and White Eyebrow Grunts.

Kral’s Chosen

  • Now wear the Assassin’s Plate and Drifter’s Boots.
  • Kral’s Chosen patrols can rarely spawn in the Border Zone, Skinner’s Roam and Shem.
  • Dialogue for when they spot Dust Bandits (this was already in the game but impossible to trigger since neither faction patrol the same areas.)

Preacher Cult

  • Moon Guardians and Paladins wear the unique Cultist’s Zukin, Plate Jackets and Unholy Armour.
  • Send out patrols into Stormgap Coast to kidnap and sacrifice roamers.
  • Player can speak with The Preacher in his temple in Cult Village. Allying unlocks the World States for the Cult to take over Farming Village and Brink if Tsugi and Valamon are killed.
  • Cult shop that sells their holy book, the Lunar Tome.

Red Sabres

  • Now wear the Ouland Rags. Have a chance to wield the Holed Sabre as well as the Horse Chopper.

Swamp Ninjas

  • Swamp Ninja Chunin, and Shade wear the Decorated Swamp Mask, Jonin wear the mask and Armoured Rags.

Sand Ninjas

  • Sand Ninja Genin wear the Ninja Hood, Black Cloth Shirt, Wooden Sandals and Drifter’s Boots. Chunin wear Straw Hats and Assassin’s Plate. Jounin wear Basket Hat and Assassin’s Plate.
  • Sand Ninja patrols spawn in Heng.
  • Questline where saving an important Sand Ninja Jounin, Gutworn, from Tengu’s Vault will allow you to ally with the Sand Ninjas.


  • Scavenger patrols spawn all across the continent.
  • Heavily diversified scavenger’s clothing, including the Scavenger’s Can. Can spawn with a variety of weapons, such as the Bent Horse Chopper, Broken Cleaver, Scavenger’s Katana and Scrap Glaive.
  • Each squad now spawns with a courier carrying a bag full of loot.
  • The fall of either the UC or HN leads to the Scavengers invading their territories with scavenging parties.
  • Gutterhead no longer has any impact on Scavenger patrols.

Skeleton Bandits

  • Skeleton Bandits now wear the Skeleton ‘Head’, which actually looks like a skeleton’s face. Also have a chance to spawn with skeleton limbs depending on role e.g Totebot spawns with Industrial Lifter Arms and Sniperbot spawns with Steady Arms.
  • If allied with the player, they will send a relief force if the player is assaulted by the Crab Raiders or Reavers.
  • Patrols can spawn with Totebots and Sniperbots who act as the pack mules and ranged units of their patrols.

Slave Traders

  • Slaver Guards and Manhunters wear the Pith Helmet. Diversified Slave Hunter and Manhunter clothing and weaponry, including the new Goedendag.
  • The fall of HN causes Manhunter patrols to roam Okran’s Valley, Okran’s Pride, Skinner’s Roam and Border Zone. Tinfist’s death causes Manhunters to invade The Outlands.
  • Manhunters and Slave Hunters now spawn in Sinkuun and Stormgap Coast.

Starving Bandits

  • Diversified clothing and weapons of Hungry Bandits, including aforementioned damaged weapons.
  • Rare dialogue where a bandit will beg the player to take them if the player is allied with the Starving Bandits.

United Heroes League

  • League members now spawn with Conscript Mercenary Armour, the new Conscript Can and wield the Can Club.
  • Routine search / assault if the player isn’t allied with the United Cities.
  • Resort to banditry if the UC falls.

White Eyebrow Clan

  • White Eyebrow Clan is added back into the game, with patrols in the Border Zone, Skinner’s Roam and Shem.
  • White Eyebrow tower on the northern swamp island with their leader, White Eyebrow.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Diversified clothing and weaponry of Twinblades, Stone Rats, Gorillo Bandits and Band of Bones.
  • Rare ‘Super Thugs’ to spawn in outland areas with extreme strength and even more so bounties.
  • Small idle comments characters can make depending on their hunger, injury, etc.
Written by The Mr Shears

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