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Kingdom Come Deliverance – Participate in the Ritual Walkthrough

Participate in the Ritual Walkthrough

Approach the bonfire only after the women complete the first part of the ritual and you get a new mission objective. The game plays a cut-scene during which Henry has hallucinations. Everyone turns into animals. Approach any of them from behind and… hold the button to start lockpicking (the picture).

The next hallucination features two Cumans. You can:

  • Attack and kill the enemies. However, you should know that they are woodcutters and their death will anger the villagers. Henry loses consciousness for a few hours after winning a fight. The women disappear.
  • Don’t attack the enemies and wait. It is highly probable that the woodcutters will kill every woman.

Go back to Father Godwin. You can also complete an optional step and return to the herbalist in the forest (do that when the quest disappears from your journal). Their reaction depends on your decision regarding the Cuman-woodcutters. Their death can lower your reputation in Uzhitz greatly and make it harder for you to meet with Father Godwin again which can happen during other quests.

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