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Kingdom Come Deliverance – Tough Love Walkthrough

Tough Love Walkthrough

How to unlock: Speak with Executioner Hermann in his farm.

The house of Executioner Hermann is located west from Rattay (the picture above shows its location). You probably went there already while you were doing The Good Thief side quest. Ignore the crying woman for now and speak with Hermann. Learn about Elishka’s problem and speak with her. Ask about her relatives.

Go to Rattay and meet with the Bailiff. You should use either persuasion or impressing option during your conversation with the man (the Bailiff has both of these stats at a low level). Speak with the scribe about Elishka’s parents-in-law.

You have to reach the farm located south-west from Rattay (see the picture). Don’t try to slide down from the steep hill because you will risk a lot. Instead, choose a path that goes around and reach your destination either from the east or the west. There, you have to speak with the old woman. You have to convince her to take in the daughter-in-law – pay 70 Groschen (or less if you haggle a bit) or use one of the unique dialog lines (preferably persuasion).

Go back to the Executioner’s farm. Speak with Elishka about her parents-in-law and then talk with the Executioner. You learn that he loves Elishka and he wants to live with her. Go back to the woman. You must give her a “life advice”:

  1. Elishka should live with her parents-in-law.
  2. Elishka should stay with Hermann.
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You receive 175 Groschen. Choosing the second option plays a cut-scene that depicts a conversation between Elishka and Hermann. Speak with the man and receive additional 30 Groschen.

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