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Kingdom Hearts 3 – Galaxy Toys Babies & Toddlers Dolls Walkthrough

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Galaxy Toys Babies & Toddlers Dolls Walkthrough

Follow along the linear vent path to find some Heartless. Take them out and head right. This will take you to a fan. Wait for it to start up and then try to land on the section right in front of you. Head to the optional path to the right for some more chests.

While you can take the turrets out, we recommend running when the fans are off and dodging the turrets. When you get to the fans, make sure they’re off so you can run under them through the vents. When you get past, you’ll come to a save point and a chest on your right with a Classic Kingdom game.

Your goal is the Musical Toads section in the southeastern corner of this area. Hop on the record near here and a cutscene will start. After, head to the Blue Musical Toad who is on the second highest level and is shaking. Now it’s time to search for Hamm.

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