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Kingdom Hearts 3 – The Caribbean Kraken and Flying Dutchman Walkthrough

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The Caribbean Kraken and Flying Dutchman Walkthrough

Now it’s time for a truly epic boss fight against both the Kraken and the Flying Dutchman. Your main enemy, though, and the one you need to defeat in order to win is the Kraken. The Kraken has a lot of health but it can be damaged quite a bit with the Leviathan.

Not only do you have to defeat the Kraken but you have to worry about the Flying Dutchman damaging the Black Pearl too much. The Kraken will periodically summon up tentacles as shields. When this happens, aim for firing the cannons in between the tentacles so you deal as much damage as possible.

Meanwhile, the Flying Dutchman will appear occasionally and try to damage the Black Pearl. When this happens, switch all your focus over to that ship and attack its red core. Damage it so it retreats then focus back on the Kraken. The Flying Dutchman will reappear at some point so rinse and repeat these mechanics until the Kraken is defeated.

Now it’s time to board the Flying Dutchman and take out Davy Jones himself. He isn’t very strong on his own but he does have a good bit of health and attacks don’t do a ton of damage to him. You want to be constantly on the move because he will frequently disappear and reappear under you.

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Once you get a good portion through Davy Jones’ health, some Kraken tentacles will appear. You don’t need to defeat all of them so just focus on the ones in the center of the ship where you’ve been fighting. When a few are defeated, Davy Jones will come back.

Use your mix of team moves, normal attacks, and Links to quickly take out Davy Jones. He will repeat the same methods of teleporting around to attack you and bringing back the tentacles. Keep going and you’ll defeat him.

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