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Kingdom Two Crowns – Gems


The gems are a new currency introduced in Kingdom Two Crowns.

  • Required for unlocking shrines, hermits and mounts.
  • You unlock mounts using gems, old “map” system removed.
  • You also “unlock” a statue and than use coins on statue as per normal.
  • Limited no. of gems, beware of losing gems to greed.
  • There is now a specific gem chest that gives 3 gems, is found like a regular chest.
  • You lose and drop coins when hit. After all coin is lost than gems will drop.

Their purpose is to replace the signpost, which was the previous system to unlock new mounts, the hermits, the statues and the dog. (add some citation of Gordon saying the reason: people didn’t always understand the old system and because of it, thought there were not much content in Kingdom New Lands). Note that the dog is still unlocked by dropping a coin and does not require a gem to be freed.

To acquire gems players must find gem chests, found like a regular chest, that gives 3 gems when opened. It is the only way to get gems. The total amount of gems in gem chests is less than the amount required to unlock available mount, hermit, and statue.

Just like coins, gems are collected and stored in the player’s purse, and the Greed are able to steal gems left on the ground.


1. When you are hit by a greed or if you drop your belongings, coins are prioritised. But then, if you have no coin left, your gems will drop (and then your crown).

2. Unlike coins (which disappear after 30 seconds), gem will never disappear if they are dropped on the ground. Also, your subjects won’t collect them. Only the greed can take them from you.

3. Acquiring a gem by Day IX grants the achievement “On the Ninth Day”

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