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LET IT DIE – Tips and Tricks for Beginners

This guide is for beginners to the game.

Let go

Do not get attached to anything.. Your characters, your gear, and most other things. When you die, you may lose gear and items, but do not use your skull coins at first. If you break easily to microtransactions don’t look at the skull gems and betend like you just start over automatically. Your gear and items are easily retrieveable and you should only use skull gems to try to escape the area with valuable blueprints so you can just make good items.


Now, you may notice the title of this section is plural. That is because you’re going to want to create multiple characters in the freezer. These characters can be used to defend your base, attack other players and hunt them, and also for player versus player content and the dungeons. You can switch between characters easily and each should be specialized toward one method of attack or something different. There are multiple classes, though you start with the all rounder, the most balanced one. There are other classes that allow you more inventory space and also allow you to deal more damage with a certain weapon type.

Weapon Ranks / Levels

This system is probably similar to many games you’ve played, but in a different way than you would think. The weapon ranks, such as unarmed, melee, and ranged, are all shared across characters, and leveling them up can be very helpful when you’re itching for a fight with the certain weapon. HOWEVER, since weapons break so quickly you want to level up unarmed so you can beat the heck out of baddies when you can’t find a reliable weapon. Leveling up is done by spending xp you gained killing enemies throughout the dungeon. The exp is only for the character you use it on, and it will be lost if said character dies.


Most people say this game is like dark souls, but it is very different. Your weapons degrade much faster, your armor degrades much faster, and most of the attacks you do don’t really sweep enemies that much. You can also do “backstabs” and “plunging attacks” if you are unnoticed by the enemy. This can be very useful against the haters you come along as there could be some haters much higher level than you. Also, another tip is not to dodge roll, it takes up too much stamina, isn’t really that effective, and can get you into trouble. I would suggest sprinting to get out of the way of enemies. It is kind of strange at first, but you’ll get used to it.


There are multiple different currencies in this game, such as skull gems, death coins, and SPlithium. The most important by far of these three is SPlithium. This will be used to upgrade your base to make it more powerful and allow you to get more fighters. The death coins can be used to buy mushrooms, decals, and make blueprint items. Skull gems can be used to revive a character without them losing anything after death, but only for the one transaction. Blueprints are very useful, they allow you to be able to craft weapons from your lobby, making you able to reuse weapons reliably if you craft enough. There are also mushrooms, which can be very helpful if you use them correctly, you can get smoke mushrooms from frogs which are good at stunning people and killing rats allows you to get a deadly poison mushroom. Just eating frogs straight up give you a big heal, and so will snails. Finally, if you get something you really want to keep and not die with, go back to the nearest elevator floor and don’t get killed.

Written by Frauggu

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