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Lorelai: Achievements and Endings Guide

The little she had was taken away, but Lorelai refuses to give up, she will fight. And not even death will stop her from getting it all back…

Some achievements are mutually exclusive. If you don’t want to finish the game more than once, make backups of your game saves. Unfortunately, there’s only one save game file unlike previous “Harvester Games” products, so you have to copy it manually. The necessary file “Lorelai_0.save” is located under.

  • “C:\Users\%username%\AppData\LocalLow\Harvester Games\Lorelai\” folder.

Lorelai Achievements

This guide contains spoilers. It is not recommended to read it if you did not finish the game.

Prodigal Daughter
Complete chapter 1.

New Girl
Complete chapter 2.

Lonely Seashore
Complete chapter 3.

Second Chance
Complete chapter 4.

Princess Of Maggots
Complete chapter 5.

The Factory
Complete chapter 6.

Complete chapter 7.

Devil Came Through Here
Get all other achievements. After you get 26th achievement, go back to the main menu.

1. Prodigal Daughter

Dead End
After the flashback with Zack giving you an umbrella, go to the left and you’ll find out that you’re still in the nightmare. Turn back and run to the right until the end.

2. New Girl

Achieved Nothing
Your way to work will be blocked by a dog. Before scaring a cat with a cucumber to get rid of the dog, take a plastic bag near the dog. After that, pick up a fish on the right side of the street and feed the cat.

I’ll Do It
When you arrive to Marjory’s room, Maria will suggest taking care of Marjory. Tell her that you’ll do it yourself.

Mmm… Coffee
After you get dirty clothes to the laundry, Maria will announce a coffee break. Take the red mug near the kitchen entrance and drink your coffee.

Enjoy Your Cuppa, ♥♥♥♥♥
When you take milk from the fridge, you’ll see laxatives. Take them and poison Zoe’s tea. This action is also required to get “The Kitchen’s On Fire!” achievement.

First Ciagrette
In the garden, Maria will ask if you want a smoke. Tell her yes.

The Kitchen’s On Fire!
If you put laxatives into Zoe’s tea, she will be sitting in personnel WC on the 2nd floor, to the left of Greta’s room. Try to open the door a few times until Lorelai says that the kitchen is on fire. You can do it at any moment before entering Greta’s room to turn the alarm off.

3. Lonely Seashore

You Belong In The Sea
When you get inside the painting, take the sea star and throw it into the sea.

4. Second Chance

The Dog Gentleman
In Zack’s apartments, ask him what he does and which games he made. He’ll tell you about “The Dog Gentleman”.

Ice Cubes
Continue to ask Zack about videogames, and he’ll tell about “Ice Cubes”.

5. Princess Of Maggots

The next achievements are mutually exclusive.

Make Him Drink Again
Your goal is to make Al a drinker. You need to spoil his mood with these actions:

  • Open the cage, open the window, and break the bottle so the bird flies away.
  • Go to the kitchen, open the fridge and spoil the food.
  • At the alcoholics group support meeting, tell Al that he’s not like the others and that he does not belong here.
  • At the shop, drop the wine bottle, and then tell Al to accept the other one as a gift.
  • Again in Al’s apartment, take the batteries at the kitchen, put them into the radio and turn it on.
  • When Maria locks Al, summon the rain and tell Al to take a bottle.
  • After Al falls asleep in the bath, go into his dream and add a shark to it.
  • At the 2nd group support meeting, make Al tell the woman that she’s a terrible mother.
  • When Al watches TV, switch the channels until you find a beer advertisement, and wait.
  • When a postman arrives, switch the addresses stickers.

On The Mend
Your goal is to heal Al from an alcohol addiction. You need to cheer him up by doing this:

  • In his apartments, go to the living room, sit at the sofa and rewind time.
  • At alcoholics group support meeting, tell Al to be open and make him share his problems.
  • In the shop, do not do anything, just wait.
  • Again in Al’s apartment, repeat the first step.
  • When Maria locks Al, say that you will take care of him.
  • Go into Al’s dream and add an island with palm trees.
  • At the 2nd group support meeting, tell Al to cheer up the lady.
  • When Al watches TV, rewind the time or switch the channels but do not stop too long on a beer advertisement.
  • When a postman arrives, do not switch stickers.

6. The Factory

Don’t Feed The Crow
When you get to the house after a dialogue with Queen of Maggots, do not go upstairs. Go to the garden and feed Jimmy the Crow with fertilizer until he explodes. This action will affect Jimmy’s status in the epilogue.

First Kiss
When you find dying Zack, wait until he tells you about his feelings. Tell him that you feel the same and kiss him. If you choose to keep the truth to yourself, you would not be able to get “A New Life” and “The Other Side Of Fear” achievements because he won’t give you the lighter.

Goodbye, Lorelai
In the last dialogue with Queen of Maggots after you destroy the monster with a Molotov cocktail, tell her “Goodbye, Lorelai”.

A New Life
You need to have Zack’s lighter in your inventory. Before eating the last portion of stew, go to the left and light up the candles. This will also trigger the good ending and “The Other Side Of Fear” achievement.

7. Awake

Random Act Of Kindness
Before entering Jimmy’s bedroom, take money from the living room’s table, go back to the staircase and top up an electricity meter.

The Other Side Of Fear
Get the good ending. You need to tell Zack the truth and light up the candles before coming back to reality. This will resurrect Bethany and Zack. Other choices do not matter.

Life Starts Here
Get the regular ending. Do not light up the candles before coming back to reality. Bethany and Zack will stay dead. Other choices do not matter.

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