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Lovey-Dovey Lockdown Walkthrough Guide

Lovey-Dovey Lockdown Walkthrough Guide

A walkthrough on how to unlock most CG and events.


  • Affection – This is also referred to as ‘happiness’ and raised by acts.
  • Guilt – This is lowered by chatting and some morning events.
  • AP – How many actions you can take in a day, some taking 1 AP and others taking 2. Some events also require a minimum amount of AP before it will trigger.
  • Sex – This is how many times you can use the H option or trigger H events as they are counted as the same.


  • Talking lowers Guilt by 1, costs 1AP.
  • Massage raises Affection by 2 for all options, costs 1AP
  • H engages in sex acts that can be unlocked, gives 1 Affection and lowers guilt by 1, costs 2AP.
    You cannot perform a H event if you dont have AP.
  • Shower recovers AP by 3, unless an event has occurred in which case this is lower.
  • If you don’t have any AP you can ‘rest’ which will ad +1 to skip work counter with a max of 3.
  • If you have performed a H event the leave option will appear and replace the rest option.
    This will not add to the skip work counter.


  • Morning events have 2 functions.
  • The first function is to trigger events once Affection is high enough and Guilt is low enough.
  • The second is to raise or lower guilt.
  • Main events occur at the very beginning and near the very end.
    This is the Wallet and Phone call events.
    These will raise guilt if the correct option is not chosen.

Morning Event List

  • Window – Guilt increase, but might depend on affection level as stated. Too risky to use reliably, so best avoided.
  • Bar – Guilt Decrease, also an event trigger if conditions are met.
  • Trashcan – Guilt increase.
  • Telephone – Guilt Increase.
  • Bed – Guilt decrease.
  • TV – Guilt decrease
  • Closet – Main event trigger for costume related events.

Main Event List

  • Mobile phone – Looking at the phone raises Guilt.
  • Wallet – Looking at the wallet is probably a conditional trigger for the ending, but since I can’t get all CG’s I’m unable to test this.

H Event Unlocks

  • Missionary – Unlocked by default after the opening.
  • Hand Job – Affection 30.
    Perform Missionary H event.
  • 69 – Affection 50.
    Masturbation in free mode. [This is one I was unable to figure out.]
  • Doggy – Affection 70.
    Requires completing 69. .
  • Bath Sex – Guilt less than 50. Have 2AP.
    Use the shower to trigger.
  • Table BJ – Affection 20.
    Interact with the closet in morning. Interact with TV the following morning.
  • Wild Cowgirl – Affection 40. Have 2 AP.
    Interact with the Closet in morning. Interact with the shower to trigger.
  • Restrained – Affection 60. Have 3 AP.
    Interact with the Closet in morning. Waist Massage to trigger.
  • Maid’s Tits – Affection 80.
    Interact with the Closet in morning, then interact with the bar the following morning to trigger.
  • Exhibitionism – Affection 100. Have 1 AP.
    Before 19th day interact with Closet trigger.
  • Lying Down – Have 3 AP.
    Unlock 5cgs. Hip massage trigger.
  • Stockings – N/A
    Unlock 7CGs, Miss work x2.
    To do this one do not skip work before you unlock 7 CG’s as the next skip will count as the trigger.


  • You want to use morning interactibles to lower Guilt.
    Use AP to raise Affection.
    Make sure you have 2 AP for the H event to forward the next day without skipping work.
  • You want to save at least 1 AP before showering in case you activate an event unintentionally.
    Events during the showering scene will lower AP recovered from showering.
  • Start out by using Massage 4 times, showering, massage until you have 2 AP.
    Then activate Missionary and leave. This will net you 11 Affection per day.
  • In the morning choose options that lower guilt.
  • Once your Affection is at 100 [should be day 8] you can focus on lowering Guilt by chatting and targeting specific events.
Written by resentec

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