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LunarLux Number Trader EXE Codes

Collection of Number Trader EXE Codes, will be updated as more are gathered.

LunarLux Number Trader EXE Codes

Number Trader EXE Codes

In Lunarlux, you’ve probably noticed how there’s a code machine called the Number Trader EXE. From playing the game, talking to NPCs, and generally spamming the A-button, the game tells you 6 digit codes. You can use these codes to get cool bonuses.


Do not read this guide if you want to find all these codes yourself! The main purpose of this guide is to have the codes in a convenient place so those who want to look them up CAN. Similarly, it seems that some codes are also a little “meta” and may not necessarily be mentioned in-game.


Number Trader EXE Codes

Here are all the codes that I’m aware of and what they do. I will update this guide as I hear about more, so feel free to put any new codes in the comments!

  • 143143 — 100 skillpoints
  • 439625 — Soulsaver
  • 092523 — 10,000 Bytes, 200 Astrotech, and 200 Skillpoints (Note, this is a meta-code which is the game’s release date)
  • 501996 — Mini HP Booster +10 HP
  • 258227 — 100 Astrotech
  • 323881 — 1000 Bytes
  • 102198 — NexusBoy (It’s been recommended to me to still “buy this password in-game, since it’s required to unlock another thing)
  • 032320 — 100 skill points

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