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Manor Lords: Flexible Plots

Several buildings use the Flexible Plot feature, which is noted by a rectangle in the top right corner of the building selector. These buildings require the player to set four points in any non-conflicting space, marking the area it will occupy.

Manor Lords: Flexible Plots

Sometimes there will be other information, such as how large a field is for farms (measured in “Morgens”, where 1 Morgen equals 2 English acres), the number of livestock for pastures, or how many market stalls can fit inside a marketplace area.

Burgage Plots work similarly, and the size of the zone determines a few things:

  • How many houses will be placed.
  • Eligibility for a backyard extension (noted with a small shed icon).
  • Eligibility for an accommodation extension (noted by a small house with a plus icon). This allows one plot to house two families at once. Note that given a large enough plot, both a backyard and accommodation extensions are possible.

With Burgage Plots, you also have to denote which “side” is the “front” – the front needs to be accessible and unobstructed, but it does not have to be on a road (although there’s no reason not to place it there).

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