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If you aren’t noticed by anybody, stealing is a legitimate way to acquire some hard-to-craft items early game, and even to complete quests. For example, if someone needs a bucket and you can’t craft one yet, you can steal one.

Keep in mind, if you are seen stealing, you will receive negative Dynasty Points. If you hit a certain negative threshold of Dynasty Points, you are cast into exile from the region and the game is over. Save before stealing, and pay attention to your surroundings.

Dynasty Points

The number of buildings you can build, and the ease of attracting new villagers to your town are based on your Dynasty Points. Initially you will only be able to build 8 buildings. At the 500-point mark, that will increase to 16. At the 1,000-point mark, it will increase to 20.

You earn the first five hundred or so Dynasty Points simply by advancing through the game’s Main Quest line.

After that, additional points can be earned by completing the ‘!’ quests that pop up. They award very few points (2 to 5 in my experience), which can make the grind from 500 to 1000 (a main quest requirement at one point) a bit long. Like other things, I imagine this will be addressed as they continue to develop the game.

When you go to deliver your taxes for the THIRD time, the Main Quest line will continue as Unigost asks you to help him collect these taxes. Upon completion, you’ll be awarded 200 Dynasty Points. Depending on your choices in conversation with him, you may lose 50 of those points.

I gained an additional 100 Dynasty Points either as a result of that conversation, or by completing Alwyn’s quest to give him a Recurve Bow. I did it immediately afterwards, and forgot which one awarded me that additional 100. I bought the Recurve Bow for 700 coins in Lesnica.

Fun Fact: As of 9/21 I am at 880 Dynasty Points.

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