Metro Exodus Yamantau Collectible Locations (Post Cards & Diaries)

Metro Exodus Yamantau Collectible Locations

Metro Exodus Yamantau Collectible Locations

Yamantau Postcards

There are just two postcards to be found in Yamantau:

1. The second postcard is hanging on the target next to the diary page 2. But you can get there only after the freezer, through a hole next to the electric panel that turns the light on.

Yamantau Diaries

In the bunker on Mount Yamantau you will find six notes:

  1. Having dealt with the cannibals and having taken the elevator, Artyom will part with the team. The diary page lies before the door in front, on the table on the left.
  2. When you go through the freezers, pay attention to the switchboard on the wall. Launch it and crawl through the bottom hole to find a diary page on the barrel.
  3. The diary page 3 may be found in front of the concrete pipe which Artem should use. Climb up and go to the right to find a new room. The note is on the box.
  4. Following the battle with the machine gunner, you will find yourself in the corridor with rooms. The officer’s diary 1 is in the room 2.
  5. When you meet Anna, take the officer’s diary 2 from the barrel on the left before entering the elevator.
  6. Finally, when you go to the elevator with Miller and other comrades, you will find the officer’s diary 3 halfway on the left.

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