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Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden – All Hidden Bushmags

A quick guide for finding the 5 hidden Bushmags. I had not found any information online about these, I figured I’d document their location in case somebody else is looking for them. Bushmags look like old school ‘bush’ magazines once found.

They do not get highlighted by your flashlight as it is the case with other items. They’re only revealed if you walk over them & are usually.. in bushes.. how fitting. Also no idea what the point of them is yet.. did not get any achievement for finding them, or any special item.. if it was some special dialog by the Elder I haven’t noticed a difference. Seems more like leftovers from the devs than anything else.

All Hidden Bushmags

Metal Bird zone
The 1st Bushmag is located near the start of a new game, behind this tree (stick to your left to get there).

Metal Fields zone
The 2nd Bushmag is located South West in this corner:

Lair Of The Horned Devil zone
The 3rd Bushmag is located West right after entering the zone:

Scraplands zone
The 4th Bushmag is located south-west in a small wooden area.
“When you enter the zone, hug the left wall”

Cultlands zone
Coming into the Cultlands zone via The Grogg Den zone, hug the left wall for a very short distance.

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Written by Loo [QC]

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