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My Summer Car PC Keyboard Controls

LeftClick has many uses including picking up and dropping objects, attaching parts, and using knobs and doors.

RightClick is used to throw objects, disassemble parts, and to use some knobs and items.
The mouse Scroll wheel is used to rotate objects, tighten and loosen bolts, and turn some knobs and items.

Press “1” to use “hands mode” for interacting with objects and “2” to enter “tool mode” for selecting tools and interacting with the bolts and nuts on the car.

My Summer Car PC Keyboard Controls

The “ESC” key can be used to pull up a menu to view or alter controls. The controls are divided into two sections, player controls and car controls.

Note: Pressing escape is not a pause function. The game time and survival stats keep advancing while this screen is up.

Basic Controls

  • Forward W
  • Backward S
  • Left A
  • Right D
  • Jump Space
  • Sprint LeftShift
  • Enter Driving Mode Enter
  • Use/Equip Items F
  • Crouch C
  • Reach/Lean Left Q
  • Lean Right R
  • Swear N
  • Drunk Speech K
  • Hit H
  • Push J
  • Flip Off M
  • Urinate P
  • Hitchhike O
  • Smoking I

Car Controls

  • Steer Left A
  • Steer Right D
  • Throttle W
  • Brake S
  • Clutch X
  • Handbrake Z
  • Shift Up G
  • Shift Down B
  • Range R
  • Toggle Lights L
  • Toggle Wipers K
  • Left Turn Signal ;
  • Right Turn Signal :

Note: The controls used to play My Summer Car are a combination of keyboard keys, the mouse and mouse buttons. all keys can be re-assigned using the Controls tab found in the Options tab on the main menu of the game. From there you can change the key bindings.

Note 2: The game can be saved at any time by using one of the toilets found in the various locations on the map. To exit the game without saving, press “ESC” and select Quit Without Saving at the bottom right.

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