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My Time At Portia – Deepest Ruin Guide

Guide to completing the Deepest Ruins including bosses and area changes.

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This is just a general walkthrough with brief information about the Deepest Ruins, and how to best get yourself through it. I managed it in less than a week on the game.


So what I did was enter the Deepest Ruins after I acquired the Knight’s sword from the square. If you’re having trouble killing the Blue Piggy Bot or the Knight and AI Bot, you can actually stand away from the fight and let your companions kill them. They will not aggro on you unless you start attacking, sticking to your companions who will not fall. I never even touched the Knight. His Sword will be sticking out of the floor near the final encounter with Master Django. This weapon is a must if you want a smooth sailing run in the least amount of time.

I know the sword may seem slow to finish the animation of putting it away, but as of the first hotfix patch, there is a work around making this sword incredibly overpowered, allowing you to kill bosses in 4 to 5 hits maximum.

To use the sword effectively, simply roll when you have activated the critical hit at the end of your flourish (ie, the sweeping move with the red lines). Normally, this final move would mean you had to wait for the animation of them flipping the sword impressively and then sheathing it away, and this would leave you unable to move and therefore vulnerable, but you can bypass this animation completely by rolling forward. This is essential for this guide, as it saves you valuable time that would otherwise be wasted on this animation, and allows you to kill enemies much faster with the final critical hit. In general, this sword could be considered pretty on par with other weapons, but it’s that critical hit at the end that makes it the best choice for a timed place.

For this guide, I used healing potions or food from my inventory to get through the first 30 levels. I never used the vending machines and I recommend you do not use them either, as the later floors become difficult and require challenge coins that you accumulate throughout the Ruin.

At the time of writing this review, I am level 58, and specified into Combat more than social or crafting, and went for defensive over offensive. I’m also wearing the Adventurer clothing set.

Floors 0-30

These floors will take place in the sewage ruins landscape, and will therefore contain all your usual suspects of plierimps, masked people who shoot you, toxic snails and jump dancers. It should be noted – there are no levels for any of the monsters in the Deepest Ruin. I’m unsure if this means they are predetermined, or if they are scaled to you.

Ideally, you should be able to get S rank on each level, unless there is a fiddly enemy not behaving, or the long hallway map with a T junction, which can sometimes take you to 1:00 and therefore A rank.

At every 5 levels (5/5, 10/10 etc), there will be a boss fight, as you would have in the hazardous ruins. These levels will follow the sewage ruins, and so the enemy at the end of each part is a toxic dropout. The best way to deal with these guys is to enter with a full health and stamina, walk to the circle, and then when he spots you, roll underneath him and sit at his legs. Hack as much as you can and roll back whenever he pushes you back.

If you are using the Knight sword, these enemies aren’t an issue. I would suggest however to leave the boxes surrounding the arena in these areas, as the challenge coins and sapphires sometimes received are more valuable than what you will find in the loot boxes, and you need those S rank grades earlier.

To conserve food, it’s best to take out the Jump Dancers first on any map, and then the Masked people who shoot you. Plierimps third, and then toxic snails last. None of the maps revolve around getting from A to B, and you must always kill all the enemies to unlock the door. 9 times out of 10, the enemies will respawn and you should turn to face the new wave before they appear.

Towards the later levels, iirc, bandirats and other monsters from other zones begin to appear here. All low-level goons however, and no sentries or robot dogs, yet.

Floors 31-60

These floors change. You are now in the Cavern zone until level 60. Note that enemies near the vending machines will not attack you as long as you don’t pass the vending machine. Sometimes this is fortunate, because you can begin your attack combo and land the “finishing” critical hit on the first enemy as the clock hits 0:01, giving you a needed head start to that S rank.

And as such, the bosses and monsters change. The bosses are now primarily “Rock On” drilling monster bosses every 5 levels again. Since these bosses can do so much damage in a short time and really melt your health away, I strongly recommend using the vending machines now to buy a “traditional soup” (-2 challenge coins), and possibly a “Kvass Drink” (-3 challenge coins) if you’re struggling, which will increase your attack and defence, and fully restore your stamina and health.

For these bosses, the best strategy is to honestly just get them out of the way. Kill them as fast as you can and take the few hits they can get in before they die, since they don’t stagger you or stop you from hacking away at them. You can make up for the lost health by receiving S rank for these boss fights and receiving 2/3 challenge coins back.

The maps, however, are much harder than the sewage levels and require more attention. The two types of worms in this zone are a struggle for the Knight sword, and you will often find you can’t land your finishing critical blow, even if you move your camera. You therefore need to back up your character when you know the final pound is coming, to ensure you hit them. Or you can instead come towards them initially with blows and hope the last critical kills them in one shot.

Your primary target for these mines are the “Lost variant” and the “Flame Variant”. The Lost variant is very hard to hit with the critical, so you need to smack him silly and get rid of him as fast as you can. If you begin to get mobbed, you should always use your critical on a side enemy, like the Flame Variant, not a quick one like him.

The flame variant is also crucial to hit because he will melt away your health. He is the primary reason you need to use the Vending Machines starting in the caverns.

You will also come across Flame Bandirats and Normal Bandirats, and you should always aim to use them as a Critical Hit accumulator, to them hit a worm, or a stronger enemy with the final blow, or you should only hit them once with a critical, and spend your quick attacks on harder to hit enemies.

As always, 9 out of 10 times, these floors will have reappearing monsters that spawn after you clear the first wave, so get ready to back track through a level. Sometimes it’s best to run into the middle and aggro the enemies, so you save time walking. Some of these levels are very difficult, and as such, you shouldn’t enter any level with more than 400hp missing or so, in case you struggle and lose an hour of your progress. Always use those vending machines. If you manage the level quickly, you’ll always gain those coins back for an S rank grade.

Floors 61-89

These are the space levels, which means, yep, Sentries and Robot dogs.

Luckily the patrol bots and cannon robots are not in these levels, so you don’t have to deal with enourmous damagers. However, the Sentries are incredibly sturdy and quick, making it difficult to land a critical blow with the Knight sword. Additionally, they will sometimes dodge when they know your critical is about to happen, and will strafe “Right, Left, and finally Middle” depending how slow you move your camera/aim to keep up with them. For example, if you are slow, they will only strafe left once. If you’re quick, they’ll do a 3 combo strafe where they end up in the middle. If you’re very quick, you can follow him all the way to the middle ending point and still land the critical.

Shield Sentries are a higher priority than normal ones. Stick boys will hit you much faster and harder, but Shield sentries ram you and then end up behind you if you face them one on one head on, and they will almost always miss your critical attack, which can one shot them and save you time.

Therefore, sometimes it’s best for your to hack away slowly at the normal sentries, or robot dogs, and then land the critical hit on a Shield sentry.

Again, use the vending machines where you have to and try to get S rank whenever you can. It’s easier here to obtain them as the levels are less complex, and the timer allowance has increased above 1:00 for some maps. Levels 75+ can be done in 30 seconds or lower very easily once you’ve worked out the patterns for the maps, monsters and spawn places.

The bosses here are a nice break, as well. They are the Piggy Bot 044 (or as I call them, the red rolly ball pigs). They can do massive damage, but with the Knight sword and a Kvass drink, you can take them out in one critical hit animation and easily avoid losing more than 200hp a go. This can be beneficial as you’ll finish the stage in 20 seconds or so when you get used to them, and will not need to use the Vending machine on the next level.

Floors 90 – 100 (Boss Floors)

As of level 90, you’re officially done with the mobs, and on the home stretch. Each floor has a boss, with the same attack patterns of that boss when you fought it previously. Enter the room, get a Traditional Soup and a Kvass drink, and then smack the boss silly until it drops. Rinse, and repeat. You should easily be able to get S ranks for these levels.

  • 90 – A “Rock On” driller.
  • 91 – A Snailbob.
  • 92 – A Bandirat Prince.
  • 93 – A Bandirat King.
  • 94 – A “Rock On” driller.
  • 95 – A “Bleeding Heart” plant.
  • 96 – A Piggy Bot “044” (or red rolly boy).
  • 97 – A Piggy Bot “002” (The yellow fellow).
  • 98 – A Piggy Bot “032” (The blue janitor).
  • 99 – A Snailbob.
  • 100 – The Forgotten Knight

The forgotten knight looks intimidating, I know. But keep doing what you were doing with the other bosses. His attack pattern is, conveniently, the same as yours. The same attack pattern you’ve hopefully been using for the previous 99 floors.

He very rarely dodges out of your way, and prefers to be aggressive with you. He will attack you head on, which quite nicely means you can attack him head on right back. Keep hacking away at his health, keeping your HP in mind in case he lands a lot of critical blows, until he drops. This took me 4 Critical hits, and he was down.

Completing this will give you the “Macuahuitl” sword with +240 attack, +50.0% melee critical damage.

You reached the bottom of the Deepest Ruins!

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