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NEKOPARA Vol. 1 – Characters Guide

Do you wanna know everything about the characters? Well read here under, and than you know everything!

Characters Guide

Chocola (jap. ショコラ of the Secretary) is the main character in Nekopara Vol .1, the eldest of two sisters-twins. Friendly, fun and energetic, prefers to act first and think later. Loves sweets. Doesn’t like conflict. Not very well read and often make mistakes, but gradually learns. She’s curious, and somewhat naive, but not stupid. Likes Cass and has a strong sense of attachment to it since childhood.
Breed: Mixed black cat.

Vanilla (jap. バニラ Banira) — the main character Nekopara Vol .1, the youngest of two sisters-twins. In contrast to his sister more reserved, quiet, calm and very persistent, often wistful. Loves to sleep. When solving problems relies on the work head. Like his sister, so at first a little jealous and calls kas lustful kneading dough. Instinctively nervous when approaching the male sex. She likes to let go of sarcastic jokes.
Breed: Mixed white cat.

Segura Minadzuki
Segura Minadzuki (jap. 水無月 時雨 Minazuki Shigure) — younger sister. The owner of the kitty family Minadzuki, who were raised and educated. Helped with opening and advertising of the confectionery. Always supportive brother who literally adores him. To match in appearance other workers in “La Soleil”, its forms are false cat ears and tail, and learn Chocola & Vanille to be good cats.
Breed: not (people).

Adzuki Minadzuki
Adzuki (jap. アズキ Asuka) is the main character in Nekopara Vol .2, the older neko family Minadzuki. Young girl, full of energy. Has a complex about growth, does not like being called “short-legged”. Has traits inherent in the characters of the tsundere archetype, Selfish, sharp-tongued, sometimes comes to rudeness. But, as the older sister, she loves and cares for his younger, worried for them, especially for coconut, because of its clumsiness. Has the talent to the pastry case, so the case is taken to train her.
Breed: Munchkin.

Maple Minadzuki
Maple (jap. メイプル Mapuru) — the main character Nekopara Vol .3, one of the Minadzuki family, proud and energetic kitty. In this careful, likes to act and speak clearly. Loves Earl grey tea. Afraid of the dark, sensitive to temperature, so can’t eat hot.
Breed: American curl.

Coconut Minadzuki
Coconut (jap. ココナツ Tokonatsu) — the main character Nekopara Vol .2, until Chocola and Vanilla was the youngest of all neko family Minadzuki. Loves to help. Because it’s much bigger than your sisters, loves to eat a lot. At first glance, In fact, her maturity just a mask. She always wanted to appear older to not be a burden to the Casa and sisters. Her self-doubt is a side effect of the desire to expose himself as someone she is not. Cass tells her she needs to be herself and not just imitate others and helps to believe in themselves. With the development of history, the coconut gradually moving closer to Cass, falls in love with him and they become partners.
Breed: Maine Coon.

Cinnamon Minadzuki
Cinnamon (jap. シナモン Sinaman) — the main character Nekopara Vol .3, very shy and sensitive neko. Always with a smile on her face. Very shy and sensitive. However has habits masochist and a pervert with a strange feature to trivialize anything. To other cats refers to as mom, as always tries to take care of them.
Breed: Scottish fold.

La Soleil
La Soleil (ラ・ソレイユ Ra soreiyu?), full name Patisserie La Soleil is a pâtisserie owned by Kashou Minaduki which he bought very soon before Nekopara Vol. 1.

La Soleil is a patisserie shop sporting a western-style flairs and modern outlook on the outside. Its main entrance is a double doorway between large panels of windows. The interior house multiple chairs and tables on the shop floor for eat-in purposes.

In the back room is a large kitchen for baking, containing modern kitchen equipment.

There is an apartment at the patisserie’s upper level where Kashou, Chocola and Vanilla reside.

Written by Ying-Neko

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