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New World An Unpleasant Task Walkthrough

An Unpleasant Task is the first Quest that can be found and obtained shortly after finishing the introductory level if you spawn in Everfall.

An Unpleasant Task Walkthrough

  • How to get: Talk to Leyson Reese at the Watchtower.
  • Requirements: N/A
  • Rewards: XP 200, Gold 38.75 and Duelist’s Pants
  • Enemies: Drowned
  • Bosses: N/A

Investigate the Shipwreck marked on your map
The Shipwreck can be found following the direction marked on your compass.

Defeat Drowned
Defeat 3 Drowned, they can be found easily once you reached the Shipwreck.

Talk to Leyson Reese
Return to Leyson Reese and claim your rewards.

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