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Newton and the Apple Tree – Walkthrough and Endings Guide

This is the walkthrough for Newton and the Apple Tree. The original Japanese walkthrough was made from seiya-saiga. Using this guide, we’ll be making multiple saves (4 in total).

Side Note: I did double check every choice and ending in the game and confirmed that the guide does indeed work as intended, so hopefully this will make it easier for everyone to get their desired ending.

Important Note: For your first playthrough, you will be locked on either Yotsuko’s or Lavi’s route. In order to unlock the other routes, you need to finish Lavi’s route 2 times (choices don’t matter as long as you reach her ending twice)

  • Utakane Yotsuko
  • Lavi Gier
  • Tsukumo Haru
  • Emmy Felton
  • Alice Bedford

Utakane Yotsuko

– Teach her about sushi (Any choice is fine)
– Explain that it’s not a problem of size. (Any choice is fine)
– Say you forgot something inside.
– Think your way out.
– (Create Save 1) Wipe away her tears

Utakane Yotsuko END

Lavi Gier

– (Load Save 1) Help her up.
– (Create Save 2) Must be my imagination…
– Deep Sleep. (Any choice is fine)

Lavi Gier END

Tsukumo Haru

– (Load Save 2) From the Balcony…?
– (Create Save 3) Go out to the balcony.

Tsukumo Haru END

Emmy Felton

– (Load Save 3) Better go to sleep.
– Drop the apple in front of her.
– (Create Save 4) Take Emmy’s Hand.

Emmy Felton END

Alice Bedford

– (Load Save 4) Talk sense into Emmy.
– I can come up with something better…
– This doesn’t cut it.
– There’s more…!
– I’m not over yet!
– It has to be “Baka-aniki”

Alice Bedford END


After Alice Bedford’s ending, go to the title screen and go to Special. There should be a “Continue+” on the bottom right corner of the screen, click on it to see an extra story. Fair warning, this is non-canon from the main story, so think of this as an extra scenario and nothing more.

– I’ll buy the next game.
– No
– I’ll pre-order the game right now!
– Yes I want to see.
– It’s really… big…

Extra END

Written by the video game boy

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