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No More Room in Hell – Ranking every map in difficulty

In this guide I will be dividing every map into difficulty categories (Easy, Medium, Hard) and providing a brief or lengthy description of each map depending on how much I have to say about it or how much I know about it. Bear in mind this is my personal opinion and I will be going over objective maps only, and I will be going over only official maps. I count official maps as any map that has an achievement in the game.



One of the OG maps of No More Room in Hell. Broadway overall is a very simplistic and short map, it’s a very short map as it can be solo’d in under 5 minutes. The objectives aren’t complicated in the slightest, the spawn room has tons of loot including a Sako that always spawns at the top of the stairs, you will almost never find yourself without a good weapon at the start, most of the map is street which provides a bunch of room to maneuver. Overall, it’s a very short, easy, and fun map with a nice atmosphere.


This is a very easy map. There are barely any zombie spawns, simple objectives, and the map is not too long. The only difficulty that this map has is that it could be confusing for first time players, but once you know where to go/what to do, it’s one of the easiest things ever. After all, Lakeside is the most beaten map.


This is another very short map, but not quite as easy as the other ones in this category. The map is very linear and probably has the least amount of playable area out of all the maps. The only parts in this map that people could potentially die on are in the front and back yards where there are large groups of zombies, but dying is still pretty unlikely.


Almost no challenge whatsoever. This map has very simple, easy objectives, a ton of wide open areas to maneuver in, infact almost the entire map is wide open area. The entire map is pretty short as well, it involves going to a grocery store, calling for help, and then getting extracted in a nearby graveyard.


Probably the hardest out of the easy maps, almost bordering on medium but not quite hard enough. Navigating through the streets can be a slight challenge considering they’re somewhat narrow, but the only real threat to your survival comes at the evac station. When you break the boards to the evac station, you will unleash a horde of runners and children, it would be advisable to halfway board up the entrance that you came through so that you can retreat and so that the zombies can’t follow you through. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen entire teams get wiped out just because some noob broke the boards to the evac station without alerting his teammates and when no one was ready for it. There will also be a considerable amount of runners and children to hold off when you call for evac, however theres a glitch that involves standing on top of a table in which zombies can’t attack you. This map can also be really short depending on which objective configuration you get.


Another very short and linear map. The only things which could possibly screw you over is getting infected by the water, the runners and children that come out of the water, or being overrun by the horde zombies during the objective in which you have to survive for a certain amount of time. Other than that though, this map doesn’t pose much of a challenge.



This map is essentially just a harder, longer version of Toxteth with more narrow spaces, more zombies, and way more items to fetch. You start off in an apartment building just like in Toxteth, however the spawn room on this map is just like a battle royale game, you spawn in, you either find a good weapon, or you find nothing. There will be times where you will have nothing but your fists for the first few minutes of the map until you find a weapon. The streets in this map are fairly easy to maneuver in considering they are very wide and have lots of room, and there are a few tight alleys in this map that you’ll have to clear out before you can go through due to how tight they are, and it doesn’t exactly help that these alleys are packed with zombies. But let’s not forget the 2nd half of the map, oh buddy, at the halfway mark this map just turns into a full on scavenger hunt. In order to call for evac, you have to venture through this giant map and find a microphone, a specially marked green gas can, and a car battery. But wait, there’s more! Once you find those 3 items and call for evac, the evac is locked off by a gate with a lock on it, which you need pliers to cut, and let’s not forget that you only have 3 minutes to find these pliers. But wait, there’s even more! The pliers are not marked, meaning they don’t have a red outline around them like other objective items do, as if finding a small♥♥♥♥♥pair of pliers in a gigantic map wasn’t already hard enough, luckily though there are only 3 locations in which the pliers can spawn. It’s honestly better to just find the pliers beforehand and unlock the gate before calling for evac.

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Another pretty long map. Junction can honestly get pretty chaotic in some parts, mostly towards the end. I would say the map slowly gets more intense as it goes on. You start off by navigating some street, not too difficult, you navigate through some kind of apartment building, not too difficult, and eventually you find yourself in some kind of sewer system. Now here is where things get chaotic, you have to navigate through these sewer tunnels littered with all types of zombies, runners, children, shamblers, you name it. It’s also possible to go the wrong way and end up at a dead end. It’s honestly better to just keep running and ignore all the zombies, the way out involves climbing up a ladder which means that all the runners you’ve accumulated can’t follow you up, meaning you won’t have to deal with them. Once you escape the sewers you find yourself in some kind of tunnel, the kind of tunnel used for commuting by the way. Once you enter this tunnel you only have about 20 more runners to deal with, and once you dispose of them, you have to lay 3 bundles of dynamite around the tunnel in order to cover your retreat. However you only have a small amount of time to run to the other end of the tunnel and get over the ladder before the tunnel explodes. I’ve seen quite a few games in which a bunch of people were all scrambling to get over the ladder at the same time and pushing each other all over the place, the irony is that if they would have went one by one, they probably would have had enough time to all make it over. Overall, a pretty good map if you want a moderate challenge.


I almost put this map in the easy category, but I decided it was just hard enough to be considered medium. Some of this map’s difficulty comes from how dark most of it is, there’s nothing more annoying than being grabbed by a zombie you literally could not see at all due to how ♥♥♥♥ing camouflaged he was with the darkness, I would advise at least one of your teammates carrying a flashlight when you play this map. The sewer part could be challenging for noobs but overall is not that big of an issue. The last segment of the map could be challenging considering zombies can easily obstruct your path considering how narrow it is, however a chainsaw can swiftly solve this problem. Overall, not that hard of a map to beat.


In contrast to some of these other medium maps, Zephyr is actually a very short map, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a walk in the park. To be honest, the only part in this entire map that can be considered difficult is the final part which takes place in the trainyard, which is notorious for its horde of runners and children. A trick a lot of players seem to not know, is that if you’re moving and looking forwards, runners and children will never catch up to you. This trick can be very useful for this final part, considering all you really have to do is hit a few switches and press a few buttons. This trainyard part is definitely a noob killer though, lot’s of times you’ll go into this trainyard part with a full team and before you know it almost everyone has been wiped out. Also, not to mention that gene therapy spawns on this map aren’t exactly too uncommon. Overall, this map really isn’t that difficult if you know what you’re doing.


I was thinking of putting Brooklyn in the hard category, however after thinking about it I realized that it’s not quite there yet in terms of difficulty, it can definitely be considered a high-end medium though. Brooklyn starts off pretty easy where you have to escape a police station, eventually you end up in the streets. Here is where things can get difficult. Some of the objectives you can get can be prove to be fairly challenging, pushing a car out of the way of the road doesn’t sound too bad, except it moves painfully slow, and once you factor in the zombies that are all around you, it’s not the easiest thing in the world. The objective in which you have to use a fire extinguisher to extinguish a fire in the streets is not that easy as well. First you have to make your way down an inclined road with a bunch of zombies blocking your path into a tunnel where you find the fire extinguisher, not to mention the extinguisher takes up like half your inventory space. You make your way back up the same path over to the fire, which takes time to put out, and when a swarm of zombies are slowly but surely converging on your position, time is something you don’t really have. Not to mention that entire area as a whole is crawling with zombies from all directions. Overall, a fairly challenging map, especially if for some reason you’re attempting it solo.

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For a long time this map was actually considered the hardest, but with update 1.09.7, a bunch of new maps came along that completely dethroned FEMA, but we’ll get into those later. You start off by navigating through a horde of zombies with a keycard that you use to get into the close quarters labyrinth that is the FEMA facility, also I think it would be a good time to mention that FEMA is one of the maps that has the most objective configurations, meaning that the set of objectives one person completes the map with can be completely different from someone else’s. One of the objectives involves activating a sterilisation procedure and escaping the facility before the sterilisation procedure activates, long story short, escape the facility before it ♥♥♥♥ing explodes. Now as I’ve already mentioned, the facility can be quite confusing to some people, and if you don’t know where to go to escape, that’s kind of problematic. The thing is, even if you do know where to go, you’re still not off the hook, if you don’t have enough stamina or whatever ir is that hinders you from moving fast enough, you will also not make it out and you will die. I can speak from first hand experience, I didn’t move quite fast enough, and the facility blew up when I was 4 feet away from the door. This sterilisation objective literally has the potential to wipe out entire teams in an instant. Once you make it out of the facility you enter some kind of cave system, and the difficulty doesn’t stop here, why would it? These caves are fairly dark, but sight isn’t really that much of an issue. Eventually you make your way to a wooden gate which needs to be lifted by turning a crank, the catch is, if the crank is let go of, the gate falls, meaning someone has to be constantly holding it. And let’s not forget that the space you have to go through is literally 1 pixel wide and that there are several zombies at the end of the space, meaning they have to be cleared out before you can go through quick enough without the gate closing, meaning the gate has to be held up continuously. And it doesn’t even stop there, there is a horde of zombies that surround the crank, meaning you’d better hope that someone on your team has TNT or some kind of a method for clearing out a bunch of zombies quick and efficiently. Sometimes though you get lucky and barely any zombies spawn infront of the crank. Once you go through the gate, you have to navigate through more caves, however these caves are a little bit different than the previous caves, these caves are so god damn dark that you need night vision in order to see properly, and now normally this wouldn’t be too bad except for the fact that there are zombies in these caves, and it’s kind of a problem if you get grabbed from somewhere and you don’t know where. Once you finally make it to the surface and see the light, you have to make your way to a helipad, grab a fuse box for something, and from this point it’s a 50/50 gamble as to which of 2 objectives you get, and oh buddy, you better pray for the good one. One of the objectives is literally just pressing E on some stuff a few times and you’re done. And the other objective involves filling up the evac helicopter with diesel fuel, now the gas pump that you use to pump the fuel takes so long, I’ve literally never seen a meter fill up so god damn slow before, it’s not even funny. Overall, a challenging map, but definitely possible.


This map is literally the polar opposite of its predecessor, Broadway is one of the easiest maps in the game, and Broadway2 is one of the hardest maps in the game, if not the hardest. You start off in an apartment building and make your way into an alleyway where you have to clear out a crap ton of zombies, you navigate through the streets and through a movie theater/hotel depending on your objective until you make it to a basketball court. Now everything up to this point really isn’t that hard, but everything from here on out is when things kick into maxiumum overdrive. This basketball court has literally HUNDREDS of children in it, they will seemingly nonstop keep pouring out of the basketball court, however as much as it may feel infinite, it’s not, and it eventually stops. You then have to then get some gas to blow open the door to some kind of convenience store. Now the thing is, this convenience store is filled with runners that will come running out, and a bunch of shamblers blocking the entrance. Now this wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the horde shamblers from behind you slowly creeping up on you. This really puts on the pressure to move fast before you get sandwiched. Once you call for evac, you go to the roof and find that your helicopter has crashed, and you have 5 minutes to get to your new evac, which can be either a helicopter or train however I’ve personally never had the train evac in any of my games. Anyways, you have 5 minutes to run all the way back to the basketball court to get evacuated. Overall, the first half of this map is definitely do-able, however the second half is absolutely ludicrous

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I would say this is a fairly long map with no part of this map really being too easy, this map maintains a steady stream of difficulty all the way through. You start off in a laundromat where you then have to navigate through the streets while bringing a shovel, the street obviously has a few runners and children interspersed in there. You bring the shovel to what seems to be a miniature graveyard, and you have to dig up some fuel for the generator, some of these graves also have weapons in them, which can be pretty useful. Once you bring the fuel for the generator to open the door, you enter a warehouse packed with zombies, once you clear out the zombie infested warehouse you go down into the sewers where you have to find a key. Navigating these sewers can be quite difficult considering all the runners and how you can possibly get lost in them. Once you find the key you eventually make your way back up to the surface where you have to close a quarantine gate and make it to the inner quarantine before a failsafe activates, otherwise you’ll die. In my opinion this is easily the hardest part of the level. In order to close the quarantine gate you have to turn a crank, bear in mind that if the crank is let go of, the gate slowly starts opening again, meaning you have to constantly keep holding it. If you factor in how slow it takes for the gate to close and how many zombies are around you while you’re trying to do this, it’s not exactly easy. Overall, this map is quite the challenge, but I still think it can be done if you have the right people.


I haven’t played this map too much so unfortunately I can’t say that much about it, but I can say that it’s easily the longest map in the entire game, I would say most of its difficulty comes from its sheer length. A lot of this level involves navigating through several choke points with lots of shamblers and runners mixed in, the later half of the level is the same except you have to push a cart Brooklyn style, except the items take much longer to acquire and are much harder to find, and let’s not forget all the runners and shamblers you have to push the cart past, also you have to push the cart for way longer than in Brooklyn. Some of the objectives might be pretty confusing for first time players as well, I remember trying to find the smoke grenade for like 10 minutes straight since the compass wasn’t helping me at all. There’s also one part where you’re in some kind of underground mine thing, and let me tell you, if you ever wanna get a brain aneurysm, open up your compass during this part. Overall, the length of this level is absolutely insane, factored in with medium difficulty gameplay makes for a damn hard level.

Hard (continued)

I ran out of room for shelter so I had to put it here.


Again, I haven’t played this map that much. The first part of the level is very easy, it just involves you escaping the shelter until you reach the streets. Here the difficulty steps up a little bit, the streets can be very claustrophobic to navigate through with all the zombies, not to mention that there are a considerable amount of runners and children, however this part is still do-able if you play slow and steady through it. After that, you navigate through some more stuff, do some parkour across some electrified water, until you reach a part where you have to hold out against a swarm of runners, which honestly as of now, I have never made it past yet, so I haven’t even seen the rest of the level. Overall, very claustrophobic level interspersed with many runners and children.

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