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Outward: Blood Under the Sun Walkthrough

Blood Under the Sun Walkthrough

The quest will be started after you enter the Old Coin’s Inn. Your quest is to find the prince’s assassin, the priest, who’s fled away.

To find the priest, you’ve to go to Abrassar and the priest is right outside of the entrance to Abrassar at the Oasis, on your left side.

You’ve to go to him but the story takes a twist when the priest tells you that he is innocent. To find the real culprit, you’ve to go to the Hive Prison in Colossal Hive.

When you go to prison, you’ve to fight off some soldiers and then you’ll find a note after you defeat them. The note will show you the location of the people who’re the real enemies and now you’ve to go to Enmerkar Forest.

You’ve to go there where you’ll find a camp with the Obsidian Elemental inside. Fight the Obsidian Elemental again and loot whatever you can from there.

Go further, fight more enemies in your way, and loot them as well! Now, you’ll find a clue inside the Levant’s Slums. The clue in on the rooftop on a barrel. After you find the clue that points you to the culprit, return to Cyrene.

After you report to Cyrene, she will order an attack against Prince Pietro. You have to go to the Baron’s manor and fight alongside her.

Defeat all the enemies and find Prince Pietro. You’ve to interact with the queen after confronting Prince Pietro and the queen will inform you of Baron’s influence extricate.

You’ll be rewarded with Baron Montgomery’s manor. Claim your reward interact with house seller Helena and she’ll sell the house to you.

The house will be furnished and you’ll find other rewards for you in the house with a storage room for you as well. You’ll unlock the Achievement/Trophy for buying the house, Home Sweet Home.

The Achievement/Trophy for completing the quest will also be unlocked which is House of Cards.

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