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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – A Feast of Feasts Quest

A Feast of Feasts Quest

At some point, you’ll meet Linzi who’s willing to talk with you about Ekundayo and how she’s worried about him. So the quest will begin. Go to the tavern and speak to Elina. Make Ekundayo join your squad and head for the Hunting Ground location. Move to the lower right corner where you’ll find a spot for a picnic. Talk with Elina, and the celebration begins.

Now have a conversation with Ekundayo and some other girl. She will tell you to find a bottle of wine. Ask Elina for this bottle and give it to the girl. Ekundayo and the girl will leave the location. Then tell Linzi that it’s time for her to give a performance, during which you need to decide whether you let Ekundayo get in with the main character or motivate him to get closer to Elina. Then the mission is over, and you’ll get 975 XP.

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