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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Deal with the Devil Walkthrough

Deal with the Devil Walkthrough

Await the conclusion of Linxia’s investigation
The hellknight Linxia is searching our capital for Darven, a wanted fugitive! Hunting criminals is a noble business, but still I feel a little uncomfortable. I don’t know about the baron/baroness/King/Queen, but this woman gives me shivers.

Await further developments
Linxia was going about her investigation, interrogating our subjects (!), breaking into their homes (!!), and burning their books (is she completely out of her mind, or what!?!) — but of course, our baron/baroness couldn’t allow this. Linxia seems to have halted her investigation. But for how long?

Talk to Linxia
While Linxia was looking for Darven, Darven found us. The deal he offered looks tempting, but I have no idea what our baron/baroness is going to do. In any case, Linxia’s investigation must be put to an end as soon as possible. Otherwise, this fanatic will leave half the barony in ruins. We should travel to the Secluded Lodge on the edge of the southern Narlmarches.

Defeat the hellknights
I knew from the very beginning that this would end in a fight! Well, if it’s meant to be, so be it! Let’s show those book burners that they should never have come to our lands!

Await further developments
Darven has disappeared again. (What’s wrong with that fellow?) And Linxia’s gone with him. (I mean, they disappeared separately, but they both disappeared at the same time… oh, I’ll have to rewrite this later.) Anyway, we have no other option but to be patient again. But I’m sure this story isn’t over yet.

Go to Brineheart
Our old friends Darven and Linxia are at each other’s throats again — and this time is seems quite serious. We’ll have to go to Darven’s city to sort everything out and make sure everyone gets what they deserve.

Defeat Darven
Darven is a runaway criminal, he deserves punishment. It’s time to deal with him once and for all!

Defeat Linxia
Linxia tried to establish her own rules here, and kept getting on our nerves. It’s time to explain to that book-burner that she’s not welcome here.

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  1. This description does not walk you through this event and your entire Kingdom will collapse if you follow this “non-advice.”


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