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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Fangberry for Bokken Quest

Fangberry for Bokken Quest

You can take it at Oleg’s trading post.

You’ll be sent to the spider cave which calls Fang cave. To reach it, you should go down from Oleg’s trading post, then turn to the right and stay the course. Soon you will find the location you need.

Clean up this location and enter the cave. There are giant and small spiders. You can annihilate the swarm of small spiders using fire or acid spells only. Use scrolls or join Regongar to your party. Collect fangberry from a bush on the right. You have to be tested by nature once again, it’s not so easy to do. In case of fail, the character will receive damage.

After you collect fangberry, go back to Oleg’s trading post without delay. Give the plant to Bokken to complete the quest. If you linger, fangberry can get spoilt and Bokken will ask you to bring a fresh one.

You’ll get 165 experience points, a Regeneration Potion and 2 potions to heal minor injuries.

Moon Radishes for Bokken

You can take this quest at Oleg’s trading post at the same time with the previous side quest.

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