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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Linzi Quest Walkthrough

Linzi Quest Walkthrough

Easier to Ask Forgiveness…

You’ll receive some visitors in your throne room, and that will start a new quest where you’ll meet Linzi. You should talk with her in a tavern that is in the capital. Then go to the Swamp Witch’s Hut location. Open the map and on the right you’ll see a wagon with the dead horse. When you come there, kill or chase all the bandits away and collect all materials from the wagon. The quest is completed.


The quest is activated after you have listened to Linzi in the throne room. Visit Old Sycamore together with Linzi. Go up and deal with the bug that attacked the bards. You can chase him away or kill him. Then, talk to Eobald and tell Linzi what to do with him. The quest will be completed, and you’ll get 1200 experience points.

A Bard’s Calling

The sixth chapter starts with Linzi asking you to take her to the Rushlight Tournament. Let her go there by bringing her into your squad. You’ll find the girl in the lower part of the location. Talk to her and another girl standing next. Then you just have to return to the capital and talk with Eobald in the throne room. After that, you’ll have to wait for work on the book to finish.

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When it’s finished, you’ll receive an invitation to Pitax. Head for the town and come to the academy where you need to talk to the girl standing on the top of the ladder. Now all that’s left is to bring down Irovetti.

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