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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – The Price of Curiosity Quest

The Price of Curiosity Quest

The quest begins at the beginning of the fourth chapter ‘’The Varnhold Vanishing’’. Jubilost will arrive at the throne room and will ask you to explore the history of exodus of the race of dwarves from the First World. Take Jubilost and Linzi in your squad and get to the location above the capital of the kingdom which is called ‘’Inconsequent Debates’’.

Having entered the territory, inspect the sign with the rules. As a result of this, Jubilost will be enchanted. Talk to the characters in the location. There are three trios, you are interested in their leaders. Soon you will understand who charmed the signs. In any case, you’ll have to start the debate.

Correct answers:

  • Her own will (appears after you ask for the opinion of Jubilost).
  • Secret (glory, which will be Jubilost version, is not correct).
  • Knowledge (correctly hinted by Jubilost).

In the game of stone-scissors-paper in a different style select a knight, and then a snag. After the victory, ask the Messenger about the origins of dwarves. He will confuse you by telling a strange riddle.

Return to the capital, go to the throne room and look at the map. Here, you’ll see an event ‘’Inconsequent Debates and Their Consequences’’. Interact with it to return to the throne room. Start a dialogue with Jubilost which will lead to the completion of the quest and a gain of 1200 experience points.

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