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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – The Secrets of Suramgamin Walkthrough

The Secrets of Suramgamin

Walk to the left side of the Castle of Knives location to meet Kamala. Talk with her and agree to pass the trial: you’re supposed to persuade fairies to sit calmly while Kamala opens the portal. Discuss different topics using your diplomacy. The portal will open if you successfully demonstrate this skill. You can either attack the First World nymphs or let them go. This will be the beginning of the quest. Talk with Kamala and let her go. So, you’ve passed the trial of Kamala the Phoenix.

Next, you’ll tackle the trial of Visaka the Unicorn. Head for the Temple of the Elk, walk left as far as you can to find Visaka. Talk with him and agree to pass the trial. You’ll complete this quest even if you kill the monsters. It appears that you just need to hold them off.

Then Visaka will send you to Puja the Wolf on Talon Peak. Climb to the top of it and talk with the dwarf. He’ll be really rude and send you back to the Castle of Knives. Head for the castle to meet Puja just at the start of the location. Discuss different topics and accept his apology. Get more details on Suramgamin to pass the final trial of Vidya the Lion.

Walk northwest from here towards the Mobility Skill check. There you also need to talk with Vidya the Lion and agree to pass the trial. You should give the right answers to three questions concerning Suramgamin.

These are the possible questions:

  • Which gods does our order venerate? Shelyn, Irori, Iomedae, Sarenrae, Erastil, Abadar.
  • What does it mean to go the Way of the Hero? Make the world a better place
  • What is the name of a martial art that members of our order are taught? There are none (they are not being taught any martial art).
  • Where is the main temple of our order? Nowhere.
  • What did teacher Avalo do when he learned the truth? Organized debates about faith.
  • What does the name of our order mean? The way of the hero.
  • Where did teacher Avalo meditate as he learned the truth? In Arthfell Forest.
  • Where did our teacher come from? From Jalmeray.
  • What paths to achieving a master’s title are there in our order? The Ways of the Phoenix, Unicorn, Wolf, Lion (you’ve already talked to them), and Chameleon.

You’ll complete this quest after answering three questions. It would be probably enough to answer two of them. Then, go south, towards the place where you first met the members of the order, and hear the judgment. Each master will decide whether you worthy of pursuing the Wise Way. They will give your verdict.  We succeeded after completing all the trials but one. The quest will be finished, and you’ll get 9600 XP.

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