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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Where to Find Regent and Councilor


Regent is directly related to the Population stat. This value is influenced by the Charisma modifier of the chosen advisor.

Possible Regents are:

  • Valerie — you meet her in the prologue and can take her with you immediately or during the first chapter. Alignment: lawful neutral.
  • Octavia — will join your team after you free her (along with Regongar) from Technic League during the first chapter. Alignment: chaotic good.
  • Lander Lebeda — this character can be chosen among the three proposed emissaries. It will happen at the end of the first chapter, after you kill Stag Lord and return to the Kingdom. Alignment: chaotic evil.

Spoiler alert! Lander will become a traitor after you deal with the barbarian invasion. You will have to kill him. In addition, he will introduce a Lebeda Spies debuff on the Kingdom. All events in which a diplomat or minister participates will be played in two rolls, and the worst of the two outcomes will be chosen.


This position affects the Loyalty stat and depends on the Wisdom modifier of the selected advisor.

Possible Councilors are:

  • Tristian — you will meet him in Temple of the Elk during the first chapter. Alignment: neutral good. After you fight cyclops, Tristian will disappear and you can forgive or kill him. In the second case, you lose one the advisors, obviously.
  • Shandra Mervey — she can be an emissary instead of Lebeda after you take down Stag Lord. Alignment: lawful neutral.
  • Tsanna — this woman can be met during the Witch Hunt quest. Alignment: chaotic evil.

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